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Beliefs and Truth

In my book The Truth Has Set Me Free, I tell the story of how I spent a lifetime seeking the truth for me. It is a message of what our truth really is. The... READ MORE


Rather than go into the many physical causes of dementia, I would like to share my personal experience with it, and also what it can be like to be a carer. Very often,... READ MORE

Staying Vital As We Age

I have been pondering over the ageing thing. My Facebook group called Ageing With Vitality carried that name for several years. I chose it because it had a good ring to it, and... READ MORE

Christmas Hoo-Haa

Where can God be amidst all the hoo-haa of Christmas? I heard a talk this week which set my Christmas bells ringing. He was speaking about who or what is God. Many of... READ MORE