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Facebook? Grrh!

Facebook? Grrh. Don’t Mention Facebook! This is the reaction of some of my friends and family when I mention something I’ve done, seen or experienced on Facebook. To the point that sometimes I... READ MORE

Fake Food

Slimming diets do not work! We need to stop eating fake food! NEED TO LOSE WEIGHT? A Word of Warning! In the light of all the fuss about the dangers of Obesity and... READ MORE

Beliefs and Truth

In my book The Truth Has Set Me Free, I tell the story of how I spent a lifetime seeking the truth for me. It is a message of what our truth really is. The... READ MORE


Rather than go into the many physical causes of dementia, I would like to share my personal experience with it, and also what it can be like to be a carer. Very often,... READ MORE