Obesity and Aging: a Big Question?


Have you ever noticed that you do not see many obese people in advanced old age?

As I grow older I have been noticing this more and more.  And I have been pondering on why that is.

Could it be that Obese people do not live to a very old age?

Or could it be that as you get older your appetite dimishes, so you lose weight?

A lot of people put on weight in their middle age, and this is due to the metabolism slowing down. However, the increase in weight can also be put down to eating more. If you look at a table that works out how much your body slows down as you get older, the amount is not really that much. It could be the difference between one biscuit or slice of bread, and that is about it. So we can’t blame a slower metabolism in middle age.   If the slower metabolism is to blame and makes you put on weight as you get older, how come the very Elderly are not Obese?

Can you see why I am intrigued with this one? You could go round and round thinking about all the theories and factors that could come into this, and get no further forth!

In observing my Mother in the last ten years however an interesting thing has happened.

Throughout her life she always watched what she ate. Always struggling with her weight and  eating very little but not losing the weight she wanted to. Then when she got to over eighty, suddenly the weight started to fall off her. She had not changed anything except she had a temporary loss of appetite. She is now in her 93rd year and still enjoys her food, but still is in the habit of watching what she eats. Although her diet still consists of a good amount of carbohydrates,  as it always has, she does not eat many sugary, fatty foods, or foods that could be classed as junk. But nevertheless she does enjoy the occasional cream tea and loves her daily portion of cake, and has sugar in her tea. But actually, she does not eat much less than she did before she was eighty but she is mainatining a healthy weight and has been the same now for a few years.

By the way they say that old habits die hard, because she still worries about eating too much!

I would love to hear any comments or thoughts about this as the whole question intrigues me.

Ageing With Vitality


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Loving Yourself Into Weight Management??

flower fairy Florence

Do you love yourself?

Some of you may say “Of course I do!”

Others may say “I will when I lose this extra weight.”

Whether you have a lot of weight to lose or only want to lose a few pounds, loving yourself is essential.  

Which category do you think you fit into, and how do you define loving yourself?

As a child I used to think that loving myself meant selfpreservation. It is human to love oneself in order to take care of yourself.

So people who think like this would fall into the first category.

I will when I lose this extra weight.

The rest of us need to look at the importance of loving ourselves, and who we are before we make the decision to lose weight. If your motive for losing it is so that you will look better and it would increase self confidence, it may not be a bad thing on the surface. But many people, especially women, have fallen into the trap of believing that they are not acceptable unless they fit into the skinny image, and spend their life being miserable and starving and weighing themselves obsessively. How many of them are in the diet trap and find that their life is ruled by scales and measurements and what they can’t eat?

The important thing to take on board is that we need to love ourselves whatever we look like. That way we will cherish our bodies and nourish them with proper food.

Would you deprive your child or loved one?

Then why treat yourself like that?

If you starve yourself and don’t eat a nourishing diet, or take time out for you, then you will not be fit to look after anyone else.

Another trap that people fall into is to make themselves and everyone elses life a misery in the name of trying to lose that extra few pounds. There are many partners who wish their other half would stop dieting because they are making everyone around them miserable. This is why it is important to make sure you are nourishing your body with real foods and not practising calorie or fat deprivation.

Also we need to differentiate between comfort eating and loving ourselves.  When we comfort eat it is usually for emotional reasons and usually carbohydrates. This is because carbohydrate contains serotonin which is a chemical that the brain gets short of when you have the “blues”.  Also, you might tell yourself that you need to comfort eat in order to pamper yourself after a hard days work.

Sometimes it is appropriate, no one can argue with that, but another way of looking at it is to consider whether undoing all the hard work of trying to lose weight is being kind to yourself! Perhaps some other way of pampering would be more appropriate.

For those people who have a lot of weight to lose, they need to think about how they are going to lose weight and take on board the need to love themselves before they start, and how they can be kind to themselves during the journey to goal.  First of all they need to do it for themselves, and not for partners or to keep the doctor off their backs. But if they love themselves in the first place then their motive will be to love and cherish themselves by losing the neccesary weight.

When you love a child or someone close to you, you do all that you can to make sure that they are well fed and noursished.

Doing unto yourself as you would be done by is so true.  So do not wait until the day when you think that you will look perfect.

Chickens and eggs come to mind here!

 (And yes you could include them in your diet!!)


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Are You Bored With Your Weight Loss Diet?


Johns 21st Birthday 021

Among the excuses for not attaining a weight loss goal, this question bears looking at a little more closely. 

There are many weight loss diets and your choice needs to come down to eating real food.

25 diets 3d cover

Firstly of course forget about counting calories, or eating low fat, or plain starvation. These three factors are NOT the way to go!

But it is good to also make your choice based on your personal lifestyle, and taste in foods. Especially when making the initial choice in the first instant.

It is also a good idea to incorporate treats occasionally. This last idea would depend on how often “occasionally” is. I am thinking of no more than once or twice a week. And if you have a problem with an addiction to sugar, be wary.

Also think about foods that you particularly like among the real food regimes and incorporate them into your plan.

Once you have a regime established for yourself, you should be well on your way to attaining your goal.

After a while though, many people start to become bored. When they first start they are fired up with a goal in mind, then after a month or so, and often even with successful weight loss, they may start to look for the old foods and habits that they had before.

There are a couple of things to think about when this happens.

Are you bored? OK; are you really bored, or are you just feeling a bit deprived of your old favourite foods?  Perhaps sitting down and getting a craving for something not on your diet.

If you are bored, then why?  Is it because you are not getting enough variety?

Variety? Mmmm’m. Have a think about what you would have been eating before.

  • Did you tend to eat the same thing every day, even if it was what you wanted?
  • Did you have the same breakfast every day?
  • Same things on certain days of the week?
  • Did your grocery trolley always look the same every week?

The point I am making here is that firstly; you do not have to be bored with eating real food!  Use of herbs, spices and imagination can work wonders. Google recipes under the names of Paleo, Harcombe, Gary Taubes, Mark Sissons, et al. and you will find lots of ideas.

Secondly. Remember that even when you are not trying to lose weight you generally tend to eat the same things, so don’t use lack of imagination be your reason for stopping the diet.

Have a good day and don’t let boredom with food take the focus off your goal!

http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00P947GLS – http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00P947GLS25 diets 3d cover

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Is Chocolate Good With Weight Management?



http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00O3HGHNK – http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00O3HGHNK

Pardon?? Did you ask; Is chocolate good for Weight Managment?

Does that seem like a silly question to ask?

There are not many people who do not like chocolate.  There is something in chocolate that gives us the same experience as being in love.

There are many positve effects with chocolate. 

Among them are;

  • It can boost the circulatory system
  • It can help reduce certain cardiovascular problems,
  • Can reduce blood pressure.
  • Boosts cognitive abilities, so could be good for helping to prevent Dementia.
  • It may lower cholesterol, although the jury is still out on this one.
  • One study suggests that it can lower BMI, what ever that may mean as BMI is not a condition but a measurement!
  • Cocao beans contain flavanoids

Serotonin levels are boosted by chocolate so that means it can help with depression and probably why it is something that people go for when they have the blues.

Now lets look at the negatives.

  • It is believed to cause heartburn
  • Theobromine is toxic to some animals, (note it says some, my greyhound ate a whole bar last year and she was fine!)
  • It can be addictive
  • Could cause kidney stones in some individuals
  • Could cause osteoporosis in the Elderly!
  • Could be there are some children who are allergic.

Well not much in the way of negative there then.

BUT!  My resource (Wikipedia) also adds that too much could cause Obesity.  So there lies the clue that we have been searching for.

So, what we have to do is eat it, but not too much. Usually about two squares a day will fetch you all the goodness mentioned above. So when you see headlines and adverts claiming that chocolate is good for you, take it with a pinch of salt, (the advice, not the chocolate)

I do know some people who will forgo a meal to eat more, because of the goodness and pleasure of eating it. It is good to eat in an emergency too if there is nothing else around that you deem to be safe for your weight management efforts.

Personally I know that I have to be careful with this one, I love it with my coffee after a meal and sometimes in the middle of the afternoon with a cup of tea, so I have to carefully monitor my intake, especially if I have find my trousers a little bit tight!

Having said that, here is a tip; If you are tempted by desert after a meal out, carry a couple of squares around with you and have that with coffee instead of the desert. That way you won’t feel deprived and you will have something to fill the gap while the others are tucking in.

One other important point of course is the sugar content. Stay away from high sugar and go for the low. Look out for anything over 70% dark chocolate! The higher the better, it goes up to 100% but that is a rare treat. 90% is the one to aim for but start with 70% and work up as you get used to the taste. 

So enjoy your chocolate but be careful.

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Judging Obesity


Do you find yourself judging people?

We tend to judge people on what we see at any given moment.  One example for instance is to think of a country lane with only the odd passing place. Have you ever been in a car and there is something coming the other way and you back the car up to the nearest previous passing place, the car coming passes you and you drive off again.

Then another car is coming the other way, so you do the manoeuvre all over again. And lo and behold as soon as you start to drive off, along comes yet another one!

Now let’s put ourselves in the driver’s seat of the third car coming towards you. He doesn’t know that you have already backed up twice so assumes that you are going to back up!

Your instinct is that you have had enough. Some drivers in the first driver’s situation just get mad and assume that the third driver knows that this is your third time backing up!  But the third driver is just an innocent person who is wondering why you are red in the face and getting mad, and is wondering what he has done wrong!  He has no clue about what has gone on before he came along.

Now think about this with someone you see who is struggling with their weight and maybe have become Obese. It is common to assume that the Obese person has never even tried to do anything about it. But next time that you see someone in this predicament it may be a good idea to just stop and think about what they may have done in the past to keep their weight under control, but have never had the right advice or information to follow.

I am glad that I have had a weight problem in my life and of the road that I have travelled to get where I am. Luckily the passing places allowed me to pull in and take stock and look at how I can change my thinking and choices in life. When I have seen people coming the other way, thinking that they know best, I have been able to pull in out of the way and let them pass, and have had to do that many times.

But now I am carrying on with my journey and know that the times that I pulled in out of the way, have been used to read, study and find out how I can show people how to find their own way through the country lanes of life and weight problems.

If you are stuck in the passing places and feel like the driver who has pulled out so many times and getting frustrated with people making judgments, (in other words the Obese person getting nowhere with their weight problems) remember that your journey is going to be full of pulling in and out to let others pass in their ignorance, but at the end of the day you will be the one who has made the journey and reached your goal successfully and you too will be able to guide others on their journey.

You have used the passing places to your advantage.

For more reading on this type of issue please go to http://www.patriciacherrylifecoach.com

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How Can I Control An Eating Binge?



The Dictionary defines a binge as; a period or bout, usually brief, of excessive indulgence, as in eating, drinking aloholic beverages, etc.; spree.

Many of my readers will know exactly what an eating binge is. But may be they don’t know why they binge or if they don’t binge themselves, why anyone would!

There are all sorts of experts out there who claim to have the answers on how not to binge. Among the theories are triggers such as sugar, emotional, boredom, starvation or addiction to certain foods.

However all bingers will say the same thing. That it does not matter whether its one bar of chocolate or a whole loaf of bread (ignore the butter and jam that you ate with it!) Yes it is possible to do this, been there got the teeshirt!  It is the feeling that goes with it that makes you feel out of control.

The usual binger is one who is doing everything they can to lose weight and the mistake they make is to starve themselves. Sooner or later the body says enough is enough and before they know it the pantry or fridge door is open and in you go!

Emotional reasons are a bit more complicated, and many people eat for comfort. This takes hard work to be able to change your thinking. Platitudes about finding something else to do when you want to eat for emotional reasons, do no good what so ever when a person is just wanting to eat for comfort. But there is something that you can start to do.

Stand back and observe yourself when it happens. Don’t resist, just go with the flow and if necessary have a notepad to hand. Try to take note of when and where the feeling started. Write down your action and what you were thinking at the time. What you ate, and what the food felt like in your mouth.  And any other thing that occurs to you.

This will do three things;

1. Because you are not resisting it will soften up the process, and it will become less urgent.

2. It will give you something to focus on afterwards instead of the loathing you usually suffer.

3. It will give you some idea of a strategy for next time.

Another strategy is to delay. Promise yourself that you will have something comforting at a later time say in half an hour or so. Then if you are still in the frame of mind for a binge, then go ahead, but remembering the first strategy above.

If you are not a binger but wonder why people do it and would like to help, perhaps you may understand a bit more now, and you could help someone by understanding that it’s not something that is easily controlled and give them this strategy.

And in case anyone is wondering, it does work for me!

And you can obtain a FREE report from me about Binge Eating, by just sending me a request on my email. I promise you will not be added to an emailing list. Nor will I give your details to anyone else.






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How To Find Your Ideal Weight

Vector icon of justice scales


The criteria for finding out your ideal weight depends on many factors, including:

  • Your own comfort
  • Your health
  • Your confidence
  • Self image
  • Body image
  • Your type of frame and bone structure
  • Genetic

I purposefully left out the one that a lot of people consider and that is comparing yourself to others. If you are looking at being thin as the only way to be accepted, then perhaps you need to be dropping that idea and seeing that there are no two people alike in this world. Every one looks different in some way except for indentical twins, and even they won’t always be the same size.

Firstly lets look at your own comfort.

If you are finding that you are uncomfortable with standing, sitting, wearing certain clothes or any other physical factor, then maybe you could look at what else could be done other than wishing you could be thinner. It may be that being a size smaller would do the trick, but it may not be a good idea for you to focus on being thinner because you want to wear a certain type of trousers  for example. Find something that suits you and flatters you now, not at some time in the future. While it is important to have goals in life, it is also very important to be happy now! Are you sitting comfortably? Is your back ache due to other factors than weight?

Your health.

Your ideal weight may not be what you have been led to believe is the optimum for your health. There are important considerations such as how much weight your joints are meant to carry, your spine, your heart.  And being a lot over weight needs to be addressed. But I am really writing to people who are just trying to lose a few pounds to a stone. And are using their weight as criteria for being more healthy. But did you know that Chronic Dieting can be bad for your health? It can affect your digestive system in a big way. Imagine if you were your body not knowing what it was going to be bombarded with next. Over eating one minute and  starvation the next.  It has to be constantly re-djusting itself and will eventually become weak and unable to do its job properly.

Your confidence, self image and body image.

Try looking at the good side of your body. Perception is a big thing with humanity. We all see things in a different way, no people can witness something and tell everyone the same story. Its the same with how we see ourselves and others. Are you walking around just noticing the thin people and wishing you were like them?

When in the shoppng centre one day recently,  amongst the dull and what I was percieiving to be uninteresting way that people were dressed, there was a yong lady who stood out. She was not skinny she was tall and about a size 14/16.  But she was making the absolute best of herself and it stood out that she loved being who she was. She was wearing an attractive dress, but she was also walking with her head up and with confidence. What would it be like for you the reader if you could make the best of yourself as you are, choose flattering clothes and love yourself.  Guess what? If you do this and forget the fat image you have of yourself you will attract a good image and your subconcious will start to bring it about. Fat thoughts do not attract a thin body!  Its back to how you think again.

Another criteria for your ideal weight is to look at your bone structure and frame.

You will not be a size 6 if you have big bones. You will not be able to change your basic frame by dieting. Being tall and a bigger frame is something that you can consider to be beautiful. But some people seem to think that if they want to lose weight from their legs or bust, then a certain diet will do the trick.

Which brings me to genetics.

You cannot blame genetics for your weight, because it is down to your choices. But genetics do play a part in your propensity to holding on to fat, and your bodies shape and structure. Also the way that were brought up to believe can affect it. If when you were a child you heard such things as “Your family are all fat so you will be fat” then you grew up believing that this is the case. Change your thinking and get rid of that thought. It is not serving you.

You may benefit from a little written exercise here. Out of what you have read here, pick out the things that apply to you. Then decide which ones you will change and in what order. You cannot do them all at once, but a short affirmation every day written out and believed will soon start to help.

That way you will develop your own criteria for your ideal weight.


http://www.amazon.com/dp/B011L100OC http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B011L100OC


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Do I Need To Count Calories To Lose Weight?

iStock_000015274969_SmallCalories are units of energy
Vector icon of justice scales

(I won’t go into technical details here you can google the information for that.)

And the answer is that you need to be wary of the little blighters, but you do not have to count them!

Here’s why!


  • One apple (depending on size) = 100 calories.
  • One egg = 100 calories
  • One biscuit (depending on type = 100 calories
  • One slice bread = 100 calories.
  • One oz cheddar cheese = 100 calories

These items are generally used for a snack. perhaps all of them in a day or perhaps one of them in a day.

The myth goes that 3500 is = to 1 lb fat on the body.

It is claimed that if you drop 500 calories a day you will lose a pound a week.  So looking at the foods above then, they add up to 500 calories. If you are eating say 2000 calories a day with these foods included, there are all sorts of things to take into consideration, whether you are male or female, pregnant, a child, elderly, been on numerous diets in the past, underweight, overweight or ill. You could be putting on weight, losing it, maintaining it or not counting the calories properly.You may be exercising or not.

So if the theory is correct (and it is only a theory and has not been scientifically proven) then just by leaving out the above foods you should lose weight. Yes? If you don’t take what I have just said into account. 

Those factors are all just for starters. The next thing to consider is how many calories you may have cut down by on previous diets, and if you are a chronic dieter everytime you go on a new diet it gets more difficult to lose weight, and you have to cut down on calorie intake yet again. Eventually the snack foods above become your main diet! Yes really! It happened to me and countless others. I would not mind betting that it has happened to you too.

So, as I said be wary of them by watching carefully;

  • What sort of foods you eat
  • Make every calorie count towards getting your body nourished and stay away from junk foods
  • Make every food you eat an investment into your health
  • Never go hungry just to keep calories down.

When you starve yourself your body goes into what can be called famine mode. It will do everything it can to preserve fat. It does not know the difference between a famine and a calorie controlled diet.

Counting calories is futile and it is the worse thing that has ever been thought up to keep weight under control. 

For more reading look up http:/www.patriciacherrylifecoach.com

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Which Slimming Aids Work?



25 diets 3d cover                                                        http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00P947GLS –                                            http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00P947GLS

There are all sorts of slimming aids out there. When you go to the slimming counter in any Pharmacist, Supermaket or Whole food store, there is an abundance of stuff that claims to help with slimming. Mind you when you read the small print, the disclaimer is that it will only work as part of a calorie controlled or other diet meant for weight loss. What does that say to you?

It says to me that I may as well keep my money in my pocket and just rely on what I eat.

There are all sorts of claims coming out that this diet will work  to lose weight and keep it off. Some of them are brand new and there are a few that have indeed helped many people to find a way of eating that will suit them for life. Particularly if they drop the junk food and just eat real foods. But the person doing the diet has to be willing to change their ways first.

Meanwhile keep your money in your pocket and dont be tempted by claims such as this or that supplement will be the answer. 

The diet itself will not work, unless there is a change in how people think. There can be a really exciting way to lose weight if you see it as a journey with its lessons and turnings in the road.

The day that somone discovers an easy way to lose weight and keep it off permenently will be entitled to a Nobel peace prize.

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Are You a Seed?

autumn2011 031

I have just spent a very inspiring hour listening to a lady being interviewed by Marc David. Her name is Dr Vandana Shiva, and details on how to find out more about her are below.

What struck me while listening to her was that in this battle with our weight, health and spiritual being, we need to focus on starting with ourselves.

We are up against giant corporations such as Monsanto and Walmart. Our Governments are simply in their hands. We feel helpless in our battle to keep up the fight.

Most people reading this will be feeling that their battles with weight and food are something insurmountable to them. They are tired of restricting what they eat, tired of the conflicting advice, tired of stepping on the scales and living by what they say.

Dr Shiva is working in India and is helping to keep Monsanto and others from ruling the lives of people out there. One interesting story that she told is that when she was debating with someone from one of these corporations about their argument that keeping women out of the kitchen was a liberation, her answer was that cooking can be a celebration. That is not enslavement. In any case, it does not have to be just the women’s job.

In reply to Marcs question about mobilising people to stay out of the trap that is being set up to get us to eat the food products that are pretending to be food, she said that we need to be seeds ourselves. This is what she says;

Quote, “I’ve learned that you have to begin with the soil. You begin with a seed. Everyone can hold a little seed. But then from the seed you tell the story of the larger picture. Because beginning only with the larger picture, people can feel overwhelmed, can feel, “It’s too big for me.” You must seed.

Now you can either let it be hijacked by Monsanto, contaminated, polluted, genetically modified, or you can take the seed and love it. The love and care you give the seed is already a resistance. It’s already saying no to that giant to say, “But I don’t need you.” Unquote.

What I believe from listening to her is that every one of us can be a seed,  and decide to stop being in the hands of the food giants. Yes, we need them in this modern world, but lets all decide how much we are going to allow them to dictate our relationship to food.

Free yourself up from the constant worrying about what you are eating. Stick to food that is produced as close to home and near the soil as possible. Throw away the scales, use food to celebrate and be in good health in order to make the most of our lives.

One argument that Monsanto comes up with is that they have to do things the way that they do them; otherwise the world will run out of resources and people will starve. But with the way that they are doing them, people are starving from malnutrition with empty calories. And as time goes on we are certainly not in good health.

We need to nourish our bodies and spirits with community and using food as a celebration and not denying the lovely foods that we are missing out on by restriction and self-denial.

We need to be ourselves and enjoy every minute of our lives, and stop being dictated to by the giants.

Be a seed in your corner of the world, nurture it, feed it with love, and let it blossom into something beautiful. Other people will wonder where you got it from?

The website to look at is www.navdanya.org.   There is also an Earth University on the website.

Dr Shiva is a world-renowned environmental leader. She has recently authored a book called “Earth Democracy”.  She is an activist and scientist and is on the International forum on Globilization.

I for one will be joining her movement today!

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