Are You a Seed?

I have just spent a very inspiring hour listening to a lady being interviewed by Marc David. Her name is Dr Vandana Shiva, and details on how to find out more about her are below.

What struck me while listening to her was that in this battle with our weight, health and spiritual being, we need to focus on starting with ourselves.

We are up against giant corporations such as Monsanto and Walmart. Our Governments are simply in their hands. We feel helpless in our battle to keep up the fight.

Most people reading this will be feeling that their battles with weight and food are something insurmountable to them. They are tired of restricting what they eat, tired of the conflicting advice, tired of stepping on the scales and living by what they say.

Dr Shiva is working in India and is helping to keep Monsanto and others from ruling the lives of people out there. One interesting story that she told is that when she was debating with someone from one of these corporations about their argument that keeping women out of the kitchen was a liberation, her answer was that cooking can be a celebration. That is not enslavement. In any case, it does not have to be just the women’s job.

In reply to Marcs question about mobilising people to stay out of the trap that is being set up to get us to eat the food products that are pretending to be food, she said that we need to be seeds ourselves. This is what she says;

Quote, “I’ve learned that you have to begin with the soil. You begin with a seed. Everyone can hold a little seed. But then from the seed you tell the story of the larger picture. Because beginning only with the larger picture, people can feel overwhelmed, can feel, “It’s too big for me.” You must seed.

Now you can either let it be hijacked by Monsanto, contaminated, polluted, genetically modified, or you can take the seed and love it. The love and care you give the seed is already a resistance. It’s already saying no to that giant to say, “But I don’t need you.” Unquote.

What I believe from listening to her is that every one of us can be a seed,  and decide to stop being in the hands of the food giants. Yes, we need them in this modern world, but lets all decide how much we are going to allow them to dictate our relationship to food.

Free yourself up from the constant worrying about what you are eating. Stick to food that is produced as close to home and near the soil as possible. Throw away the scales, use food to celebrate and be in good health in order to make the most of our lives.

One argument that Monsanto comes up with is that they have to do things the way that they do them; otherwise the world will run out of resources and people will starve. But with the way that they are doing them, people are starving from malnutrition with empty calories. And as time goes on we are certainly not in good health.

We need to nourish our bodies and spirits with community and using food as a celebration and not denying the lovely foods that we are missing out on by restriction and self-denial.

We need to be ourselves and enjoy every minute of our lives, and stop being dictated to by the giants.

Be a seed in your corner of the world, nurture it, feed it with love, and let it blossom into something beautiful. Other people will wonder where you got it from?

The website to look at is   There is also an Earth University on the website.

Dr Shiva is a world-renowned environmental leader. She has recently authored a book called “Earth Democracy”.  She is an activist and scientist and is on the International forum on Globilization.

I for one will be joining her movement today!

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