How To Find Your Ideal Weight



The criteria for finding out your ideal weight depends on many factors, including:

  • Your own comfort
  • Your health
  • Your confidence
  • Self image
  • Body image
  • Your type of frame and bone structure
  • Genetic

I purposefully left out the one that a lot of people consider and that is comparing yourself to others. If you are looking at being thin as the only way to be accepted, then perhaps you need to be dropping that idea and seeing that there are no two people alike in this world. Every one looks different in some way except for indentical twins, and even they won’t always be the same size.

Firstly lets look at your own comfort.

If you are finding that you are uncomfortable with standing, sitting, wearing certain clothes or any other physical factor, then maybe you could look at what else could be done other than wishing you could be thinner. It may be that being a size smaller would do the trick, but it may not be a good idea for you to focus on being thinner because you want to wear a certain type of trousers  for example. Find something that suits you and flatters you now, not at some time in the future. While it is important to have goals in life, it is also very important to be happy now! Are you sitting comfortably? Is your back ache due to other factors than weight?

Your health.

Your ideal weight may not be what you have been led to believe is the optimum for your health. There are important considerations such as how much weight your joints are meant to carry, your spine, your heart.  And being a lot over weight needs to be addressed. But I am really writing to people who are just trying to lose a few pounds to a stone. And are using their weight as criteria for being more healthy. But did you know that Chronic Dieting can be bad for your health? It can affect your digestive system in a big way. Imagine if you were your body not knowing what it was going to be bombarded with next. Over eating one minute and  starvation the next.  It has to be constantly re-djusting itself and will eventually become weak and unable to do its job properly.

Your confidence, self image and body image.

Try looking at the good side of your body. Perception is a big thing with humanity. We all see things in a different way, no people can witness something and tell everyone the same story. Its the same with how we see ourselves and others. Are you walking around just noticing the thin people and wishing you were like them?

When in the shoppng centre one day recently,  amongst the dull and what I was percieiving to be uninteresting way that people were dressed, there was a yong lady who stood out. She was not skinny she was tall and about a size 14/16.  But she was making the absolute best of herself and it stood out that she loved being who she was. She was wearing an attractive dress, but she was also walking with her head up and with confidence. What would it be like for you the reader if you could make the best of yourself as you are, choose flattering clothes and love yourself.  Guess what? If you do this and forget the fat image you have of yourself you will attract a good image and your subconcious will start to bring it about. Fat thoughts do not attract a thin body!  Its back to how you think again.

Another criteria for your ideal weight is to look at your bone structure and frame.

You will not be a size 6 if you have big bones. You will not be able to change your basic frame by dieting. Being tall and a bigger frame is something that you can consider to be beautiful. But some people seem to think that if they want to lose weight from their legs or bust, then a certain diet will do the trick.

Which brings me to genetics.

You cannot blame genetics for your weight, because it is down to your choices. But genetics do play a part in your propensity to holding on to fat, and your bodies shape and structure. Also the way that were brought up to believe can affect it. If when you were a child you heard such things as “Your family are all fat so you will be fat” then you grew up believing that this is the case. Change your thinking and get rid of that thought. It is not serving you.

You may benefit from a little written exercise here. Out of what you have read here, pick out the things that apply to you. Then decide which ones you will change and in what order. You cannot do them all at once, but a short affirmation every day written out and believed will soon start to help.

That way you will develop your own criteria for your ideal weight.


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