Loving Yourself & Weight Management.



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If you were to have someone close to you that you loved very much, would you criticise them for their looks, or any apparent or perceived flaws?

Would you expect them to change how they are and only love them after they have changed?

Would you rather help them because you loved them?

This is what happens with weight management.

If you are seeing yourself as unlovable because you need to lose weight, then this can get in the way of you ever being happy with how you are.

So you need to change your perspective and start to love yourself now, just as you are, warts and all!

That way you will then be able to say, because I love myself I want to be healthy in body, mind and spirit.

Therefore I will not see food as something to indulge in as reward or comfort.

Because I will be kinder to myself if I only eat healthy foods, and find some other way to reward or comfort myself.

Have a nice loving day!

Ageing With Vitality

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Losing Weight the Lazy Way?


A Bite Counting Gadget!


This was reported on the Daily Telegraph on 15th August 2014

Here is the link if you want a good read.


Apparently this gadget counts the number of bites you take per day because a person consumes an average of 11 calories a bite for women and 17 for men.  So you can count how many calories a day by counting your bites!

Sounds good in theory. But I don’t see this working as how will the gadget know what you are eating?

There is also an idea of a talking plate!

OK; same goes with this of course.

Why can’t Scientists concentrate on finding out more about what many-many people are finding DOES work?

Keeping an eye on your sugar and carbohydrate intake.

With all the controversy going on about low this and low that, what works, what’s ethical, and so on, they would be better putting their energy and resources into that.

What’s more, one of them could be in for the Nobel peace prize, because the person finding the answer to Obesity and its problems will surely get one.

Having said that, the answer is staring them in the face, so what I think people are really looking for,

is the lazy way to control their weight.

Because leaving out sugar, keeping your carbs low, keeping active, and changing their ways are too much like hard work!

So perhaps the Nobel peace prize will go to the person who finds how to lose weight the lazy way!

SodDieting http://www.amazon.com/dp/B011L100OC http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B011L100OC

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The Great Food Debate and Weight Management?

Johns 21st Birthday 021

I have been reflecting a lot lately about why we are in such a predicament about our weight and food issues.

People these days seem to be oriented around food, whether they are dieting or not.

Although it is natural to eat, because we need to, thinking about what to eat and earning the money to buy food, takes up a tremendous amount of our energy. In fact, it is the basis of everything we do in life.

If we are living in the poorest parts of the world and starving, then it is natural to spend most of our time looking for food. Indeed Maslows Hierarchy of needs puts the need for food and shelter right there at the top.

When we live as we do in a more well off country although there is plenty of food around, we still seem to obsess about what we are going to eat. Television is full of cookery programs, and there are even cookery channels dedicated to it.

The song from Oliver “Food Glorious Food” is so spot on. Sung by the children in the workhouse dreaming of the stuff! And of course when you are eating nothing but gruel, then it is no wonder.

So in the poorer countries, we are looking for something to eat. In the Western countries, while there are people who apparently can’t afford to eat, and have to obtain their food from food banks, most of us eat too much.

Particularly too much of the wrong foods.

Did you know that many obese people are actually malnourished?

This is because they are eating badly. Not all of them of course, I know many who are doing something about it, and by eating foods that are nourishing are feeling good while losing  weight.

Supermarkets are bulging at the seams, and even throwing away out of date foods.

Restaurants are throwing away foods that customers are leaving on their plates simply because there is too much on them.

And last but not least, many of us are having to deny ourselves food because we have weight issues.


http://www.amazon.com/dp/B011L100OC http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B011L100OC

The world is a crazy place isn’t it?

How about looking at your weight problem in the light of all this and not seeing your diet as deprivation but as something that is good for the environment and your health at the same time.

Perhaps you could think about going without a luxury food of some sort and donating the money to charity.

That way you will be helping others and yourself at the same time.

There is no need to eat so much food really is there?

Do you really need that beer and crisps, snack bars, popcorn, wine and chocolate?

Or at least do you need to eat so much of it?

No food for thought?

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Metabolic Damage and Dieting.



http://www.amazon.com/dp/B011L100OC http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B011L100OC

The more you diet, the less weight you will lose.

And don’t I know it!

And many more dieters will tell you the same. It will even go so far as you never being able to lose weight, even with a very restrictive diet.

Officially the condition is called Adaptive Thermogenisis.

You can look this up on the internet. But here is one link to get you started;


Then there is this;

Diane Elliott of Oregon University wrote this after doing research there in 1989

“The resting metabolic rate of our obese subjects remained depressed after a massive weight loss despite increased calorific consumption to a level that allowed body stabilization”

In other words, when the diet was over their bodies could not maintain the weight when they returned to eating a normal diet.

There are also two more studies that showed this, and I daresay a good many more.

 They were done by Abdul Dulloo et al at the University of Geneva in 1997  and Arne Astrup in 1999, but I don’t know where he was based.

In my case you can add this on to the aging factor and I get to the end of day and wonder whether I have eaten all day, because it is so little now.

Even seven years ago when I belonged to Weight Watchers, my points were down to 14. When they told me that this was too low, (and they were right because I was not obtaining the correct Nutrients on that low amount) when I put the number up 18 (Which is their minimum) the weight remained stubbornly in place.

One reason why we find it more difficult to lose weight as we get older is because we lose muscle. And muscle burns fat.  The second one is because we natrually slow our activity down, without even realising it. But we generally compensate for that by not having such a big appetite.

All I can do is to monitor carefully what I am eating to make sure that every morsel is full of all the necessary Micro and Macro Nutrients.

But there is some good news!


This link will tell you all about the findings that a lower metabolism helps with longevity!

So the chances are that I will live longer and according to this article if I eat healthily as well, I will stay healthy for as long as possible.

What more could I want?


I spent over forty years of my life on them, and I am now paying the price!

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