Energy and the Law of Attraction


 Hi folks. October 2014

I have just got back from London having had a wonderful get away weekend with some real fun loving friends.

There was a lot of “energy” around being there.

Laughter, fun, peaceful humans just seeking to make the most of the sunshine, the first “nip” of Autumn.

Saw everything from our seat in the coach that people want to see on a visit to this historical city.

Fish and chips in the evening, sitting outside on the busy London street, being warmed by the overhead heaters, and a glass of wine.

Friendly people working in cafes and restaurants and hotels. Nothing too much trouble for the coach driver and tour manager.  Smiling theatre staff who laughed with us when we thought we had lost our tickets and reassured us that it would be ok. Then we found them in a jacket pocket!

We hear so much negative stuff in the media about this world that we are forgetting about the good stuff that is happening.

This weekend gave me a good illustration of the “energy” that we are surrounded with, and how powerful this stuff is. 

From a beautiful opera singer and a comic entertainer in Covent Garden, to the Prince Albert golden statue, catching the sunlight in Kensington Gardens, which Queen Victoria had built to commemorate the love of her life.

It was felt in modern times when people went through such experiences as 9/11 and 7/7. Through a terrible tragedy, people’s lives were changed in a profound way.

You can feel it at football matches, or gigs, when everyone is doing something together.

Like electric it is all pervading, when you are with people who are happy it rubs off on you, and when you are with negative people that can rub off on you too.

I went to see the stage show “Warhorse”  

This was a perfect example of how strong energy is.

Take a perfectly empty stage.  Then fill it with puppets and people, noise, lighting, fog, brilliant acting and you were “there” right on the front of the first world war.

Scary and so realistic that you were reminded of the suffering and horror of this shameful period in our history.

For me the puppets, (and what puppets!) showed how strong energy can really be.

Take a bundle of bamboo like canes, canvas, string and rope and glass eyes.

Very clever shaping and design.

Add three people controlling this bundle, and putting their “energy” into it.

Add in other puppets and bundles of rags, a few marvellous props and even a goose on the end of a stick being controlled by a human, putting her energy into it, and you have a tear provoking, emotional scene, in which you were “there” in 1914-18.

This is what the Law of Attraction is all about.  We hear so much about attracting things using this law, but as Bob Proctor says, “It’s Not About the Money!”

It’s about the energy flowing through us and around us.

It is so powerful that it can manifest anything. Positive or negative. And even convince an audience that a puppet is a living animal.

It is not about what we attract from “Out there” but what we give out and are willing to receive.

It is within us. We become aware of it when practising meditation, mindfulness, prayer, or whatever means you use to get in touch with it.

You have this energy and can use it to change your life.

Whatever it is that you want, as long as it is helping others and not just for your own benefit, or is detrimental to others, you can receive it.

Look at ways that you can channel this energy to be of service in the world for others.

Be kind to one another and see what you can do for someone today to get this energy flowing. 

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