How to Spot the Best Diet.

25 diets 3d cover

This book has been compiled of 25 diets that are the best known, and most of them either the author or someone she knows has tried them.

Keep it handy as a reference for when you feel like perhaps a change of diet would work. Sometimes our bodies fall into being too familiar with what we are doing and a jolt or a change does our psychological and physical health some good.

At the same time though, it is good to know which ones are most nutritious, long lasting and can be used for indefinite periods, with the odd tweak to allow for special occasions and treats. We just simply cannot be expected to go through life never allowing ourselves to join in celebrations and special occasions, without feeling left out, deprived and then end up bingeing or depressed or both.

I must admit to a bit of bias on my part, as now that I have done so much research into why diets do not work for various reasons, and experienced personally what does work, then I am afraid that there may be some remarks which may leave you wondering. So I have left some recommended reading material at the end of the book, so that you can do your own research.

This is written as far as I can without bias or prejudice, yet bearing in mind that I have been on most of the diets in this book and over my forty years as a Chronic Dieter, I am speaking from experience and if not my own then the experience of people that I know who have tried them. Particularly from clients in my Weight Management Life Coaching service.

Something you may notice as you read through is that a few of these diets consist of “Real Food” and I have mentioned that they are what I eat. The reason for this is that diets consisting of “Real Food” tend to be similar and they are the best route to go down.

This is a handy reference book for those moments when you are desperate to lose weight, but you want to know the best way to find long lasting results.

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