Learning New Tricks As You Age.

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Tthe blossom of the spring, turns to the beauty of berries in the Auntumn. 

All living things are getting that bit older every day.

We all are and try as we might, we cannot avoid time and age.

But are you going to be active, healthy and vital in the 3rd age?

Motivated to do something different and active in brain and body? Vital in your outlook and realise that contrary to fears and popular attitude, your vitality still keeps you essential.

Apparently the body starts to decline at the age of 26.

Yes you read that correctly. 26!

People beyond the age of forty start finding that jobs are more difficult to come by. By the time you are 50 many employers don’t want to know. Then at age 65 you are expected to retire.

It is generally assumed that the older you are, the less your usefulness is.

But there is an anomaly here isn’t there?

Because at the moment the British Government is putting the age of retirement up. Also scientists are always experimenting with how to keep us alive longer. Yet many of us look forward to our later days with dread .

But you can change dread into anticipation.

A friend of mine at age 66, when she was diagnosed with a heart complaint, said, “I hate this business of getting old”  The moment she said it was like a lightbulb coming on in my head. “I’m outta here!” If I have to grow old I am not going down without a fight!

But at age 68 I obtained a Diploma from the local University for Life Coaching. 

I felt that my life had just taken on a new outlook. And boy am I enjoying it! Later, at the age of 70 I obtained another Diploma to be a Funeral Celebrant. 

I have never been academic and I would not have dreamed of going to University. Since then I have written four books, designed a course and am presently creating more products for my Website. I did all this by finding out how to do it from either friends or on line.

But I had motivation! What was it? I had always wanted to help people to eat in a healthy way. Not only for weight purposes, but for general health.

Also I now coach, and support people through the ageing experience.

 I read this statement in the book “The Age Heresy” by Tony Buzan and Raymond Keene.

Quote; It is critical to challenge your own mind and the minds of your co-workers, to strive to engage people and keep them involved, and to allow extra time for the elderly. Keep in mind that they are capable of “Learning new tricks”, provided that they see its relevance, perceive it as worth while and feel motivated. (My emphasis)

In other words, society and YOU need to relook at the role of all of us as we grow older. Contrary to popular belief, brain cells do not die off as we get older. BUT they will atrophy if we do not use them.

We need to give ourselves motivation by finding something that gives us sparkle and passion.

We are all experts at something.

What is your expertise? It could be gardening, writing, walking or history. It could be a craft, or a hobby that you love. Caring for children, dogs or cats. Or it could be that you are a good listener or just love encourageing others.

 No matter what your age, start now to look at your retirement with gusto and see it as the start of a new way of life. 


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Is Personal Development Whacky?



What do you think? 

Is it whacky to seek for personal and spiritual development?

The idea may come at anywhere, anytime. You may have a sudden urge to sort yourself out, when you are on the way to work, putting the washing in the machine or feeling bloated after a meal and wish you knew how to control your eating.

Personal Development does take determination on the part of the person doing it, and they have to be really keen.

Not just reading the books or doing the course, but learning to listen to what your heart and gut tells you is the truth.

You may want to look at how to handle relationships, careers, midlife crisis, exams, weight, healthy lifestyle or anything that is bothering someone and they just cannot think clearly.

So is it Whacky?

Some people may think so, but it’s a bit like discovering that you love gardening, or a craft of some sort.

Suddenly you are reading everything you can get your hands on about it.

You may soon be called Whacky for this!

What ever you may think, it can certainly change your life, and it can be the best investment you will ever make.

In yourself.

Be Whacky, its great!

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