Old Age or Eldership?



When we are born, if we are fortunate enough, there is great rejoicing.

Our first steps of walking, are a great delight.

The potty training is a time of great achievement.

At four or five we start school, and Mum usually feels the first wrench of her baby going out into the great wide world.

So life progresses. As we move up the grades at school, we are preparing for the future and achievements are made. Moving up through college or university, we decide what our career is going to be and how we are going to earn a living.

We have a family, and bring up our kids.

Kids leave home and maybe we take up new careers or return to an old one.

And so it goes, always looking into the future.

At age fifty many people start to feel that jobs are not around anymore for them.

Society seems to think that older people are past it!

Older people start to think that there is no future and other than gardening, watching TV and holidays, its just a time leading up to the end of life.

For some this could be Shagri-la of course.

But it does not have to be that way.

I am 70 and since passing the age of 60 I have found a new way of living. Although my body plays up and gives me “gyp” sometimes, my mind is more active than it has ever been.

Many of you know me as a Life Coach specialising in Weight Management.

But things are a-changing!

Because I have seen that there is a great need for the Wisdom of Elders in society, both for their own health and esteem and for other people.

I love the expression Elders!  It denotes wisdom.

Drop the Old People idea and embrace your Elder Wisdom.

This is not going to be an anti-ageing programme, but one that embraces our older years and looks at experiences that we encounter in those years that normally get swept under the carpet, and how we can embrace them and make them into positive experiences.

Watch the changes on my website over the next few weeks, developing into



Ageing with Vitality

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