I’m Not Ready for Ageing!

“I’m not ready for looking at Ageing!”

I have found that this is what people are saying when I tell them about Conscious Ageing. 

Thinking about the second or third part of our lives, is a challenge and the cry is one of “I am not ready for looking at ageing, I want to make the most of my life.”

There it is facing you and you are not ready for that challenge.

And what do we do with challenges? We either meet them or not.

OR; We know we have to meet them at some time but we defer until we think the time is right.

When do you imagine that time will be?

(Think about this; at the age of fifty the likelihood of living to 100 is becoming more common. When you retire you could still have another forty years of living)

Think about a room that is used as a dumping ground. Or a closet that needs tidying out. You know that you have to do something about it, yet you keep putting it off and it only gets worse.

As it gets worse you start losing things. You may even go and buy another one of those things, knowing full well you already have one somewhere.

The room is collecting junk and debris, and it starts to play on your mind. But still you carry on collecting more and more things.

Then one day you realise that you can’t live with it any longer, or perhaps you may realise that you could make better use of the room. Make it into a guest room perhaps, or in the case of the closet, you simply cannot get anymore clothes in.

So you decide to clear it out. You come across things that may bring back good memories. Even things that you forgot you had. As you go through, you may gaze at them and may daydream and wish you had done something in a different way. You may even be grateful for the lessons you learnt from a certain experience or relationship.

Some things you find may need to be thrown in the trash and some may appear on a shelf in the lounge having been cleaned up and brought out fresh.

You may even wait until you are forced to clear it out and someone else has to do it. Such is the case with the hoarders that we see on TV.

So it is with our minds.

With Ageing, many of us go through life dreading it. We may even spend the rest of our years with the closet or room never having been cleared out. We resist looking at our lives and the past, put the emotions, feelings, mistakes and experiences away into a room and never get around to looking at what treasures could be kept, and which experiences in our lives could be put to rest.

We may even find stuff that is actually useful and can be put on display for the world to see and enjoy and even more important to learn from.

Or we may even be like the hoarders and become so overwhelmed that someone else has to sort it and you are a victim of your own circumstances.

So are you ready to start the clearing now, before it is too late?

The younger you are when you look at your ageing in reality, and not be in denial about it with all the anti ageing products you can find (a bit like using airfreshener on something smelly in the closet!) then the more you will be able to use what you find.

There may be a dream that you have been unable to pursue. Like writing a book.

But there are other even more challenges that you can meet in your older days.

With Age comes wisdom. You will be surprised at what wisdom that you have accumulated through the years.

There may be something that you are an expert at, and can start an online business or teach about it. It does not have to be much. Just something like gardening or travel, or crafts. Or more far afield such as volunteering to go abroad and teaching computer skills. The world of opportunities is out there.

It is not just a matter of passing the time. God knows there is never enough of that eh?

There are many sources now where these ideas are coming from. Google “Age Nation” or IONS and Conscious Ageing.

There are also some excellent books on the subject. One particularly is “Do Not Go Quietly” by George and Selina Cappenalli.

If this grabs you and you live in the UK, please do contact me. The idea of Conscious Ageing needs to come to the UK! The more people who join the force which Geroge amd Selina call “Elder Corps”, in the UK the more we can work together to make Ageing a Positive time of our lives.

And even make this world a better place by doing our bit.

That may even be the thing that is going to enhance your Ageing!



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Older and Wiser?


cherry blossom

Being older in the last couple of centuries has been viewed with a negative approach.

Before the Industrial Revolution, older people were looked to for advice and helping with the way that people ran their every day lives. For example, even when a farmer became more unable to do the practical work because of older bones, or feeling the cold, he would still be around to advise and take on the lighter tasks.

Or maybe if you ran a bakery in a city, the children of the baker would probably learn from the parent while growing up, then although the older person may retire, they would still be around to help and advise.

Pair of red wet cherry fruit on stem with green leaf isolated on white

But since the IR, cities have gradually become bigger, and more impersonal. Older people often become segregated into special units and seen more as a burden on the tax payer. Certainly in the last century anyway.

Society has forgotten that older people actually have something to contribute to everyday life. It is no longer recognised a lot of the time that older people have lived through a great many experiences, and their opinions can be seen as Grumpy or outdated.

We joke about having Senior Moments, but actually our memories are no worse than the 8 year old forgetting his PE kit for school. Ask the 8 year old what they did in school today and the answer is usually “I can’t remember!”  In both instances it is usually because we did not register the information properly and our brains have not taken it on board. Or we got distracted for some reason. Nothing to do with age.

But have you ever thought that this approach is what is making many poeple afraid of old age? That this is the reason why we hear so much about Anti-ageing?

These days, the Baby Boomers will have probably been through divorce, bereavement, bringing up children single handedly, parenting teenagers, managed careers and family at the same time, bought and sold houses, moved house a few times, dealt with illness and been caregivers, experienced illness with their own bodies and seen the developement of technology.

Also we have known how to live in a much more simple way. And also how to manage without 24 hour television and 700 channels, and channels designed especially to keep the children amused!

Many of us know how to keep them amused with stories or games instead.

Imagine if technology broke down tomorrow. No Google, no mobile phones, no computers, no washing machines with tumble dryers.

I was amused yesterday when I mentioned about how I hang the washing on the line in a certain way to save a lot of ironing, and a woman in her 30’s who is actually very clever and runs a super successful business admitted that she had no idea that there was a technique like that!

So who would Society turn to?

Chances are that if you are in your fifties and older you would know how to manage. You can remember how to wash by hand, pay bills over the counter, make an arrangement to meet someone maybe by post, and turn up on time, without having to check on the mobile phone. Do the washing by hand and use a wringer!! Or a mangle! I will leave you to guess what that is if you are younger. Or of course you could google it!

But you dont have to wait until there is a crisis. You are probably unaware that you have a lot to contribute, learn and be creative. Perhaps by volunteering, writing, teaching, speaking and leading.

At the time of writing this, there is a generation of people known as the Baby Boomers, who have seen the development that has taken place since the 60’s.

For example, if you would like to read about the development of our food supplies, you may be interested in my book “10,000 Years of Weight Watching; a History of Diet” available here;



 In paperback or kindle. Its not just about Watching Weight, but about how what we eat has progressed.

So, all of this progress and exxperience makes that generation of people born between 1945 and 1963, experts in many things. Yes Older and Wiser.

You may, like me be in the slightly older generation and consequently seen even more change.

Also of course there will be a lot of useful information that you have about how it “feels” in certain situations. There is nothing like talking to someone who has been through that.

Yes youing people may be able to “google” it, but can they convey to “google” exactly how they are feeling?

So as you get older, you don’t need to be cast aside as a spare part and looking forward to older years being classed as “past it!”

You certainly do not have to enter your second half of life going along with the out of date belief that you are suddenly too old for any use.


For more reading, you can download my FREE report on my website by just entering your email address. 





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