Age Discrimination or Just Ignorance?

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I am noticing more and more when filling in forms how people over 65 and above are just lumped together in one age bracket!

Yet life after 65 these days can be another 30 or even 40 years!

Is it any wonder that people dread ageing?

Be aware, be conscious, be mindful.

65 is not old!!! As for 75, 85, or 95 the old saying “You are as young as you feel” comes to mind.

Yes, as we grow older we do have our limitations, but you will find that you can be very active within those limitations.

Don’t be lumped in with a label, just because you are over 65.

Don’t let these little quirks like being discriminated as just “65 and Over” be your reality.

Make life beyond 65 a new beginning!

Make life after retirement, creative, wise and fulfilling!

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