No Such Thing as a Senior Moment!


Most of you will be surprised at the fact that there is no such thing as a senior moment!

When a child leaves his coat behind at school, or her lunch box is sitting in the kitchen because she forgot to take it, do we say that they are having a senior moment?

But somehow we blame this memory incident on ageing. Starting from around the age of forty and in some cases even younger, we start to worry about whether it’s to do with our age. Don’t!

Brain cells do not die off with age. There may be other reasons such as disease. Or (I love this one) “Lack of Use!” Use it or lose it. 

We all forget what we went upstairs for, or what we were going to say, no matter what our age.

But this is more often out of not registering the data in the first place, or being distracted by other thoughts before we get to the bedroom or saying what we were going to say.

For more information on this, read The Age Heresy by Tony Buzan. (You Can Acheive More Not Less as You Get Older.)

By perpetuating the myth, and believing that it is true, you are activating the Law of Attraction! 

What you think is what you get!

So, to help you to remember, first of all FORGET! 

Forget the myth and register the data in the first place.

One way of doing this is to say it out loud to yourself before going upstairs, what you are going up there for. What I do is to imagine that I am still downstairs and what I was doing when I first thought of it.

I also keep notebooks. One in my handbag, (you can get small ones for wallets and handbags) Or of course those who are savvy with technology can use their mobile phones. Particularly the voice recorder.

Forget the myth and do not perpetuate it. Think about the six year old!


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