Meditation Tools for Anti-ageing.


Do you practice meditation?

It’s easier than you think!

Meditation could increase your vitality as you age.

We see so much about anti ageing creams, treatments, supplements, diet and exercise, but have you considered the importance of meditation?

No matter what your age, research is showing that meditation is good for the mind, body and soul and will certainly help with your vitality.

There are now scientific findings that it is an excellent anti-ageing tool.

Meditation is often seen as being “kooky” or “too way out”.

The following is an extract from an article in the Daily Express;

What we actually observed was a widespread effect of meditation that encompassed regions throughout the entire brain.”

Although people are living longer, ageing comes with an increased risk of neuro-degenerative disease.

Dr Kurth, whose research is published in the journal Frontiers In Psychology, believes meditation could minimise this.

Let’s not get carried away. Meditation is not necessarily sitting and chanting in a certain position. If you can do that, fine, but not everyone can, and that makes it a barrier for them.

Also many people say that they find it impossible because;

  • They haven’t got time
  • They cannot stop their thoughts or empty their minds
  • They have kids
  • The environment is too noisy.
  • They are too embarassed
  • Overcrowded conditions.

If you have something else that stops you, then please comment below and we can look at this together. 

We will look how these obstacles need not stand in the way. But today, let’s look at some ways that you can make a start, right from where you are now.

Sitting quietly, listening to your favourite music. Music is something that reaches the heart and source within you. Don’t think that it has to be a certain type of music, but whatever rocks your boat! I have often been on another planet listening to “Queen!”

If you can walk somewhere in natural surroundings, that can help. Look at the colour of the plants and stand against a tree. Listen to the birds. (If you are alone you can even dance! Or even with the kids!)


If you live in a busy city and can’t get away from the noise of traffic, tune into the noise and “listen” to it rather than try and resist it! The steady hum can help you to “switch off”

If you already meditate it would lovely to hear your comments below on how you do it.

Remember, that we are all ageing, just some of us are further along the line. So don’t think that it does not apply to you. The younger you start, the more benefits you will have.

Think about how meditation could increase your vitality as you age.

Look out for more to follow.


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2 Responses

  1. Wendy

    Great blog Trish! Thanks for sharing the power of meditation and simple ways to do it. I think that the stresses of modern day living can have serious ageing effects on us 🙂 meditation is such a good way to experience more inner peace and help keep is young. Xx

    • admin

      It certainly is Wendy. I used to think that I could not do it, until I learnt the various ways it could be done. Tomorrow I will be discussing the ways that it can be done even when it seems impossible.