Baby Boomers Are Ageing with Vitality!

  Baby Boomers are go, go go!! We will Age with Vitality!┬áLet’s show ’em! We have had the best of everything apparently. There is also concern that the BB’s are going to be a “burden on Society”. I want to … Continued

Pollyanna is Ageing With Vitality!

    Are you going to decide to Age with Vitality as a Pollyanna? Wikepedia has this to say; The Pollyanna principle is the tendency for people to remember pleasant items more acuurately than unpleasant ones. Research indicates that, at … Continued

Forgiving Yourself as you Age with Vitality.

  We have looked at how forgiving others can be liberating for you and your wellbeing and vitality. Have you considered that you also need to forgive yourself? Many of us have made errors of judgement, mistakes, been unkind or … Continued