A Simple Scientific Look At Meditation.




Meditation increases your whole health in body, mind and soul.

In todays article, I thought that some scientific evidence and sources my help you to understand how powerful meditation can be.

Body-wise it increases your immune function, decreases pain, decreases inflammation at cellular level.Therefore, your health will certainly improve. I have quite a lot of unexplained pain at the moment, but meditating for 15 minutes in the morning and evening, certainly helps to control it. Not by making it go away, but by putting it on the back burner and not “Being” my pain.

This link.  http://news.wisc.edu/21428 leads to an article on “Mindfulness meditation may relieve chronic inflammation”

Mind-wise it decreases depression, anxiety, negative emotions and stress. What is more it actually changes your brain for the better. Brings about clarity and concentration.

This link. https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/use-your-mind-change-your-brain/201305/is-your-brain-meditation leads to an article that explains how.

Looking at various parts of the brain the writer explains the scientific reason why meditation works. I love the expression the “Me Center”

To some people this may go against all that we have been taught about putting others first, but if you don’t sort yourself out, you certainly cannot sort others out. You will simply pass on your own hang-ups in life instead. I strongly recommend that you read this article if you want to see how the mind can be improved with meditation.

Soul-wise, it increases self-awareness, spirituality, compassion for yourself and others and enables you to change your old story and what is controlling your life. (See an earlier blog of mine on “Whose life are you living?”)

You might like this link http://www.wellbeingalignment.com/spiritual-meditation.html

In it, the writer explains how beneficial meditation can be even for the beginner, which is what we are currently looking at in this series of blogs.

It explains how we have become separated from our Source, or Creator, or God. This is because there have been so many misunderstandings over thousands of years between spirituality and religion. This subject is one that takes a lot of learning and I have spent the last twelve months doing that. I grow more every day, and the journey is very exciting as you find what you have within yourself and get into alignment with Source.

I am for certain happier in my older years than I have ever been before. This is down to the simple practice of meditation and being open to the awesome person that I was not aware of within myself. My Source or God.

Whatever your spiritual calling is, meditation will help.

If you are worried about following the wrong path, your gut feeling or inner voice will guide you, and this is all the more reason why meditation helps.

You too can find a way to do this, and there are many sources on the internet, books and with many life coaches, who will point the way and mentor you while you do just that.

I hope that if you do not already practice it, you are beginning to see that meditation is a powerful tool for improving your life, in body, mind and soul.


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5 Responses

  1. Pat Pughe-Parry

    I learned to meditate about a decade ago and it helps me keep my life in perspective. Whenever I feel out of control I take some time out to be still and meditate. Nice post.

    • admin

      Yes Pat. I struggled for years to meditate because I thought that I had to sit quietly in a certain position and empty my mind. I know now that this is not required. Its good for those who can manage it, but there are a good many people who, like me missed out on years of meditating because I was aiming too high. Now I love it. I do it in different ways on different occasions depending on what my needs are for the day. Sometimes it will be a guided one, other times a visualisation and still other times a wonderful walk in the woods.

    • admin

      So glad that you agree with with this Grace. Your Relationship Academy clients will benefit all the more if they can learn to meditate. Wonderful stuff.