Ageing & The Law of Relativity.

This is the Law of Relativity

(Not to be confused with Einstiens Theory!)


This law is a great one to bear in mind when we think about ageing.

It is the Law of Relativity. It is a law that says that everything just is.

We forget that everything just is, and what we actually do in our everyday lives is judge everything in relative to another.

Just as with the Law of Polarity, nothing is good without bad, high without low, big without small.

So we tend to say something like “The weather is awful today”. Awful compared to what?

A person living in a desert, would think of a windy and rainy day in the UK as good.

I can remember being in Egypt on holiday several years ago, and this was a holiday that had been given to us by our  son. As we were boarding the liner that was taking us down the Nile, I noticed that there were beggars asking us for money. In the UK we were living on benefits, but to these beggars we were rich! And indeed we certainly felt rich.

Have you ever been in pain from an awful headache? You cannot get comfortable and you are feeling sorry for yourself. What if the telephone rang and you heard that a loved one has just been admitted to hospital having been involved in a traffic accident? Headache may still be there, but suddenly you are not a victim anymore. Before you know it the headache is gone.

I visit an elderly lady frequently who moans constantly. I try to get her to see that in comparison to a lot of other people her age, she is actually well, with a comfortable home to live in and son and daughter who make sure that they see her at least four times a week. She is very independent and yes of course she gets lonely, but relatively speaking she is very well off.

But we all tend to compare ourselves to what we don’t have.  We never seem to have enough money.  The weather may have been good all summer but one or two days of rain, in our minds turns a good summer into a lousy one.

As we age, we moan about gravity taking over, or our backs and knees are playing up. We wonder what happened to our energy.

I don’t know about you, but often when I look at photos of myself younger, I think that I looked really good. But when I look back to that time in my life, I remember worrying that I was too fat, or ugly, or looking at my double chin! I did not appreciate the fact that I looked good, until it was too late, many years later.

The moral of the story is; Start appreciating what you have, NOW!

When you can get into the habit of being grateful for what you have now, instead of what you don’t have, then you will in turn feel blessed.

And when you live your life feeling blessed, you are blessed.

You become a person who attracts others to you because you smile when you remember how blessed you are.

And if you get to be called a Pollyana, so what?

Live your life looking for the good in everyone and everything.

Let the Law of Relativity be used for the good.

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2 Responses

  1. Pat Pughe-Parry

    It is so liberating when ee become accepting.

    • admin

      It certainly is Pat. It makes me feel like I want to really get the message out, because of that very thing. Joy, peace and love. I used to wish for peace of mind, now I have it because of the awareness of this Law. Thank you.