Ageing & The Law of Action


Another of the Laws of the Universe, is The Law of Action.

Notice that action is part of the word Attraction, and so it is in life.

We cannot attract anything into our life without action.The Law of Attraction is not a magic spell, but it comes together with ACTION.

The thing is though, that you also cannot have just action. Being nothing but a human “doing” will not bring results on its own. We also need to be a human “being”.

Bob Proctor, a teacher in Law of Attraction, puts it like this. Think of a pregnant woman. As soon as she knows she is pregnant, something happens within her to nourish and preserve the fetus. These days women love to learn about the pregancy, the birth, how to look after her baby and perhaps her and her baby’s diet. The house is full of books and magazines and she is more than likely on a social media site with a group. 

When the time comes to give birth, she is well prepared and all she wants to concentrate on is the hard pain of labour. She retires to a private place and all she wants is people around her that can help. These people in turn will make sure that she is protected and given the respect and help that she needs.

So it is with goals in life. Weight loss, an idea for a business or a book, a new relationship, a new career or even retiring as we age.

It goes something like this;

  • We have an idea.
  • We look at the possibilites.
  • We nourish the idea with reading, study and research.
  • We prepare our minds and spirits.
  • We prepare and collect together the physical tools.
  • We give birth to the idea.

Can you see the alignment?

So what about the Ageing process?

The idea. “I want to age with wisdom, health and vitality. I want to enjoy my older years, and not dread them. I want to be a wise Elder, not just an old person.”

The possibilities. Is it a realistic idea? Is it possible to defy the beliefs of society and age in a positive, happy and joyful way?

Nourishing the idea. I can read and research to find out the best way to age in a healthy way. I do not have to accept the conventional ideas of thinking that if I feel unwell “It’s because of my age!”

Preparing my mind and spirit.  I can study the brain, and find out about the myths that abound about the ageing brain. I do not have to be religious to be spiritual, I can find out what beliefs are in alignment with who I am and what my inner voice is telling me. I can learn how to love. I can learn how to forgive.

Gathering the physical tools. I can look into what tools I can use to enhance the experience of ageing. A proper healthy diet, what exercise to do, how I can find out my creative abilities and how I can use them. Prepare a legacy for the people who I am leaving behind when I die. Join social media groups online. Find friends who are in alignment with what I want. Perhaps find a friend, life coach or mentor to help me.

We give birth to the idea. We are ageing with vitality. We surround ourselves with people and friends who encourage us and help us. We feel confident and safe enough to do it. People are saying “Wow, you look great and are so vibrant, you actually have a glow about you that belies your physical age. Even with less physical energy, you actually use the energy you do have in such a way, that you enhance the idea of ageing instead of being dull and uninteresting.”

Or “You look great!”


Many people, no matter what the idea, abhort it at the first thing that goes wrong. With weight loss, it is often that they are not losing it fast enough, or it’s too much like hard work. If writing a book, after the first attempt they give it up because they are not finding the grammar or use of words easy. Starting a business, they are not making enough money.

With ageing, you might start to experience pain in your knees. “Huh, Patricia says that I will be vibrant, how can I be vibrant with pain like this?  Abhort trying, just go back to my old way of thinking, this is a waste of time and energy. I will never do it!”

To be vibrant, we need to look at the inner work. It is certainly my own experience. It is about charging your batteries or buying new ones. Your body will not operate if there is no charge.

If you are charged from within, you can still operate from the place where you are. There is always something that you can be, create and do. (notice the order that I wrote that!)

And for the benefit of younger readers, the sooner you start, the better. Think of it as a “Retirement Pension!” 

The Law of Action is the last law that I will be writing about for the time being, but you can find out about the many Universal laws in various books, and reading.

What I will be writing about in the next few blogs are steps to take to become a Conscious Elder.


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2 Responses

  1. Tammy

    Thought provoking post. I truly believe in the Universal Law of Attraction. I’ve seen it in action may times.

    • admin

      Hi Tammy. Yes it is certainly in action. It is something that is just there, and it is happening of course whether we believe in it or not. Did you read my previous 6 blogs, where I covered some of the other Laws?