Conscious Ageing & Who we are.


Do you ever stop to consider who you really are?

We can have several “roles” in our life, such as Mum, Dad, Daughter, Son, Auntie, Grandpa and so on. But who are you at the core of your being?

“What is Conscious Ageing and how do I do that?”

This is the most asked question when I tell people that I teach Conscious ageing.

In the next few blogs I will take you through some initial steps to finding out.

Today we look at “Ageing and who we really are”

Writing down the answers and your responses, using pen and paper, to the following questions is the best way to do this, because you will then be able to read back through, make any adjustments and monitor exactly where you are. This will in turn help you towards becoming conscious.

If you just answer in your mind, with no notes, you will easily forget and your thoughts will just be put somewhere else and mixed in with the rest of your thoughts for the day and get lost. That is the reason why many people keep a journal. There is something in writing it down, with a pen and paper, that instils it into your sunconscious.

It is still better if you obtain a special book for your journey through consious ageing, and write a little dedication and promise to yourself. It will be a great way to monitor your progress and look back on it in years to come.

Please remember that this is only for your perusal and no-one elses. It is not an examination, there are no right or wrong answers. Only you will see this.

So here is a list of questions and thoughts. This is where you are today.

  • Which decade of life are you in?
  • Which age do you actually feel?
  • Are you a carer (for someone who is ill, or for children?)
  • Are you nearing retirement?
  • What is your current state of health?
  • Generally speaking do you feel; happy, sad, fearful, worried, depressed or can you think of any other emotion that takes precedence over the others in your everyday life?
  • Do you live alone?
  • Do you live with a partner?
  • Do you live with a relative other than your partner?
  • What is your gender?
  • Do you have any living parents?
  • Do you have children?
  • Are they living with you or apart from you?
  • What are their ages?
  • Do you have friends, close friends, or just aquaintances?
  • What is the state of your finances?
  • Are you dependent on other people in any way?
  • Do you have any hobbies or interests outside of your everyday life?
  • What are your particular interests?

By answering these questions and pondering over them, you will begin to have more of a picture of how conscious you are. Are you living a life that is just being what other people see you as? (See my blog, “Whose life are you living?)

Two more questions.

  • What do I expect people at my 90th birthday party to say about me?
  • What would I like them to say?

The next part of this mini series will cover your expectations.

Enjoy your day, and set aside an hour to enjoy this exercise in finding out who you are?

From little acorns mighty oaks do grow!

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