Ageing and Expectations.(2)



For the second part of looking at expectations for your years of Eldership, there are a few more questions to ask yourself in searching for how conscious you are with ageing.


Notice that we have made a transition with titles. From now on I will be referring to older people using the terms Elders, Eldership or Elder.  Not Elderly.

Why? Society uses the word Elderly as a general meaning for anyone over the age of sixty. Taking away our individuality and setting us apart.  It has become a “label” which has come to have negative connotations.

Those of you who take an interest in ageing consciously, including myself, may like to be known by a name or title that gives a more positive connotation. People in the conscious ageing movements that I have come accross, like to be known as Elders, because that word is used in some societies and cultures to mean “Wise one,”  which is what we are. Especially when seeking to make our older years a positive and fulfilling experience both for themselves and those around them.

So let us continue with looking at what your expectations are for Eldership.

  • Are you looking at doing anything about preparing for being an Elder?
  • Are you planning on celebrating your Eldershp?
  • If you have not yet retired do you plan to do so? (We have parties and celebrations for christenings, weddings, 21st birthdays etc., but when are we going to start celebrating stepping into Eldership?)
  • Can you see a way that you could serve your fellow humans and share your wisdom?
  • Is there any sort of “inner work” you think that you would like to look at?

Inner work includes such things as;

  • A life review.
  • Deepening Spiritual connection
  • Accepting mortality
  • Creating a legacy
  • Letting go
  • Forgiveness

We will look at some of the inner work in the next few blogs.


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