Expectations and Consciousness in Ageing.



Continuing our exploration of Expectations with Ageing, today I am going to look at a Life Review.

This exercise will help you to clear the path for expectations in your ageing journey, and will also give you an outline for the next few days of looking at expectations.

It will also help you to have an experience of conscousness.

Simply, find an hour to sit and write a resume of your life. It does not have to be a complete life story, but can be broken down into ages, such as 1 to 7, 8 to 16 and so on.

What were you doing in those years?

Next, anything that brought up certain emotions, happy, sad, fearful, angry etc make a special note of and close your eyes and get back to how that really felt AT THE TIME, not necessarily how you feel now.

Bring yourself to the present day and how you feel now with hindsight.

It could be anything, your graduation, your wedding, passing certain exams, your first love, an illness, someone dying, divorce, leaving home, etc.  So there will be a mixture of emotions.

Think about smells, sounds, who was there, environment, what you were wearing. etc.

Maybe you are thinking that you do not have time to set aside, if so it may help to set an intent for the day, what ever day you choose to do this. The intent being that you want to make notes throughout the day of any memories that may come to mind about the past. (You will be surprised at how often this happens in any persons day) Carry a note book with you or a peice of paper and jot them down. You won’t need to write them in detail, as the memory is there tucked away, and will surface when you need it.

Then later in the day you should already be off to a flying start for the exercise.

Namaste. May you be blessed with this. It can be quite emotive, but keep calm and trust me to show you how it can be dealt with. 

The next blog will be looking at how to start healing your past. 




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