Food; Friend, Fun or Foe?

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For over forty years, I considered myself a victim. To;

  • My Self Image
  • My ugly body
  • The fat on my body
  • Foods that just triggered me off
  • A compulsion to just carry on eating, even when fullSodDieting
  • Dieting to get rid of the fat and feelings of loathing
  • Calorie counting
  • Fat units
  • Food intolerance
  • Addiction
  • My fat belly

It took me nearly a life time to discover the root of why I have always had this battle. One of them being that as a child I was always being told to tuck my tummy in, and as a 14 year old I was issued with a corset to keep it in.

This message was not only coming to me from my Mother, but from my gran and also a teacher at school who was the ring leader in calling me GubGub after the pig in Dr Dolittles adventures.

I don’t blame any of them now, but I did for a long time, even of I was unaware of it.

Many new regimes of eating in our modern days, look at the physical side of control. But there is another deeper side to it all. Much like trying to run a car that keeps breaking down. Just filling it with more fuel, or a different type of fuel, will not fix the problem if it is the battery that is flat. So it is with humans. If we keep just thrusting down feelings, memories and resentment, we will never get to the root of the problem. Our batteries will always be flat.

Getting into the right place is not necessarily just about looking great. When we have an “inner” glow, we can look fantastic.

Part of my inner work that freed me up was forgiveness for all those people who gave me a false message, which I lived by.

I have had quite a journey over the years, some of it exciting, some not, but always challenging.

It is a wonderful thing to be free of the tyranny of forever worrying about my shape and my looks.

How do you go about finding that inner glow, which gives you confidence in yourself, and frees you up from the necessity of the “Forever Diet?”

I would love to hear your comments.

Either here, or perhaps on my Facebook page.


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Have we got Ageing Sussed?




Last week I spent one day with an iStock_000002366515Smallageing friend, who like me is full of vitality, vigour and still seeing the future as a time of growth and excitement.

Yes our physical bodies are certainly slowing down, but our joy is in the mind and spirit, which in turn makes those physical bodies glow. The lights are not gone out yet. We still keep those physical bodies active with walking or going to the gym and watching what we eat.

We have been close friends now for over forty years. We have both been “through the mill” so to speak, with bringing up three kids, divorce, second marraiges and many of the other things that happen in life. Thus building up a rich tapestry of experience and becoming Wise Elders.

We are both in a position where we want to make a difference to the world, supporting people through lifes challenges.

We reflected once again on an evening thirty years ago when we were as usual discussing how we were doing, wondering what the future would hold, over a glass of wine, (and a cigarette, because were both smokers in those days) and we both remember saying “I wonder if we will have it sussed when we are 60!

Well here we are, now hovering around 70. Guess what.

Fireworks and Gemmas 2013 016We have got a lot sussed, but we both take pleasure in the knowledge that we will actually never get it completely sussed. Simply because we are both so in love with living, that we will always find something else to be sussed.

Is this you? Or will you spend the rest of your life thinking that now that you have got it sussed, you will settle for where you are.

Nothing wrong with that of course, many people have lived such a busy hectic life that all they do want is a quiet life.

Just a word of warning though, in order to stay healthy, vital and full of joy, it is always good to be willing to make necessary changes, and have something else to be sussed!

You can still do this simply by making sure that you are aware and conscious in mind, body and spirit, while having the quiet life.

Watch this space. I still have ideas taking form. There are still things happening for me every single day, that bring challenges and inspiration.

Would you like to be so in love with life?

I for one, just want to be a means of support for people who want to stay on the road to getting it sussed.

So, have you got it sussed? I haven’t, and don’t want to yet.

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