Consciousness and Our Planet.

    What a beautiful planet we live on. Even though we are bombarded with dark and troubling news day by day, still this planet of ours remains beautiful. How many of us are conscious of this? Yesterday my husband … Continued

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Why wait to be Happy?

  It is a chicken and egg situation. Are you living for tomorrow and getting everything together hoping it will make you happy? Or are you happy, and then everything starts to come together? The latter is what is meant … Continued

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How old do you feel?

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  Are you feeling your age? Many people as they grow older claim that they still feel young inside their heads. The body seems to age, but the mind does not so much. But how old do you feel? Is … Continued

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The Story of Flatlands and Death.

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    I cannot define how young is too young to think about death, that is up to the reader. As I write this, the world’s eyes are on Paris, in the aftermath of the terrorist crisis of Saturday, November … Continued

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