Consciousness and Our Planet.





What a beautiful planet we live on.

Even though we are bombarded with dark and troubling news day by day, still this planet of ours remains beautiful. How many of us are conscious of this?

Yesterday my husband and I watched several different programmes about the environment and the threat that hangs over it.

One was about the damage to our children’s health from Fracking.

Then the others were on the Land of the Jaguar, which is Guyana, and the threat of the jungle there being destroyed, along with the beautiful creatures, many unknown species and undisturbed environment.

It got me thinking about who was conscious out of all the people involved.

There were the oil companies, loggers and governments making decisions, and there were the people fighting for the survival of our planet.

I am not a political person and am certainly not an expert on politics. My thoughts yesterday were around the way that the people filming this beautiful land of Guyana were so willing to put themselves at risk to explore and discover the beauty and film it for us to see.

Giving us a glimpse of all the wonderful creatures that reside there, and putting themselves at risk by getting bitten, sleeping on ledges on mountain sides, sitting perilously on a “tray” fifty foot up a tree, filming monkeys and eagles.

We are all bombarded with information about what we need to do to help save the planet. Cutting down on the amount of fuel we use, getting our homes insulated, switching off lights, recycling and so on.

I witness all the time, big firms and companies, burning fuel in such vast ways.Explosion

Such as the local rail yard, leaving dazzling lights on all night, even when there is no-one working there. The tower blocks lit up in big cities out of working hours. Shops leaving their doors open and heat wasted in the name of inviting you in to inspect their goods. Throw away cartons for food and drink, filling the land with pollution.

Yes, there are people who are conscious, thank God. Water bottles are at last starting to be wiped out. We are going to have to learn other ways of carrying water around with us. Recycling is becoming a way of life.

Isn’t it remarkable how conscious we have become in the UK about carrier bags, just by the government putting a 5p charge on them? In the face of things 5p is nothing, yet suddenly people are carrying their own bags with them far more. Through such a simple move, we have become conscious or aware of the way that we use carrier bags.September 2013 051

It amuses me now, when I ask for a carrier bag, the shop assistant apologises that she has to charge me for it!

Although it is encouraging to see some of the large stores, using paper sacks instead. Suddenly the local football field is missing the detritus of old plastic bags left from where onlookers stand.

But there is a long way to go yet.

The point is, though, how many of us are really conscious or aware of how we treat the planet?

We can make our small moves by switching off lights etc., but what about the bigger consortiums, governments and powers? Are they not human like us? Do they go to their homes and see the tv programmes with their families that I mention here? Do they use plastic water bottles?

Who are the people who ignore the danger that they are putting people in by Fracking for example?  After all they are human beings aren’t they?

What is more important? Their pockets or our environment and the people who live there? What happens to their consciousness when they give the orders for a piece of land to be used for Fracking?

I like to think that we are all becoming more aware.

(Until I see the youngster walking in the street in front of me, who throws the empty can of drink and the empty crisp bag down onto the pavement, without a second thought. There is me believing that they worry children about global warming!)

These are all just ponderings from an ageing woman who has seen take away food, change from eating fish and chips out of newspaper. Then ‘elf and safety saying we could not do that because the ink was poisonous, so made us eat off plastic trays instead! What is more, we had to use plastic spoons and forks and not our fingers. At least the newspaper was something that had been recycled, even though the term had never been thought of.

I have seen loose fruit and vegetables carried home in plastic bags and throw away trays, sealed with more clear plastic, as a move towards hygiene. But now the world claims to have “found a better” way, brown paper bags, or even reusable shopping bags. These were being used long before plastic and convenience were thought of.

All this makes me wonder, about how conscious or aware we as humans really are?Untitled-1

Who are the conscious ones and who are the ones with heads down ignoring what is around, both the beauty and destruction.

But let us finish with the thought that this is indeed a beautiful planet.

Which is part of a beautiful universe.

Let’s decide to look after it.

Aug Sept 2013 010



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Why wait to be Happy?



It is a chicken and egg situation.

Are you living for tomorrow and getting everything together hoping it will make you happy?

Or are you happy, and then everything starts to come together?

The latter is what is meant by living in the Now.

Many people spend every day trying to achieve things in the belief that one day everything will come together and at last they will be happy.

The shiny new car, the big house, meeting a partner, studying for qualifications and even trying to lose weight, are all in the future, and there is nothing wrong with that.

Indeed, there is everything right about it.

BUT be careful that in trying to achieve that utopia, you don’t lose everything that you already have.

Peace of mind, loving and being loved, being healthy, active and mindful, are all things that will help you to achieve what you want in future, but don’t sacrifice them along the way eh?

Be happy while you are being active in pursuing what you want.

Be aware of those around you who love you and want your company.

Be active and keep yourself fit.

Eat the right healthy foods and feed your body the proper nourishment.

Be mindful of that inner voice or source that is guiding you.

Be aware of the power of now.

Be happy and everything you want will be attracted to you because you will have created it that way. 



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How old do you feel?



Are you feeling your age?

Many people as they grow older claim that they still feel young inside their heads.

The body seems to age, but the mind does not so much.

But how old do you feel?

Is time such an important thing after all?

Time is an idea. There is no such thing. We use it to measure experience and to keep things under control on the planet. We would have no co-ordination without it, and life would be very difficult certainly in the modern age.

But imagine if you were a pre-historic person. You would sleep when it’s dark and be awake when it is light. In the northern hemisphere, you would be awake at 4.30 am in the summer and sleep until 9 am in the winter. But it would not worry you or concern you because you would simply be flowing by your instincts.

You would not be horrified when the kids wake you up because it’s light and it’s only 5 am and they would still be running around at 10 pm with no worries.

So it is with age.

Which comes first?

We age and, therefore, feel old and allow ourselves to be so, and say that we have this or that illness or pain because of that.

Or we don’t give our age a second thought when we have an illness and just get on with what we have to do?

Yes, the body does slow down, and it may have to remind you of the fact that it can’t function in the same way as when you were twenty. But the key is, that it would have to “remind”  you because you are so absorbed in other things, and not just sitting and thinking about your age.

If there were no such thing as time would you feel healthier?

Are you a victim of your age?

People can be ill, die or in pain at any age. So why let it be the age factor that rules our thinking and the way that we live.

Energy levels do drop, but they will not drop quite so quickly if you live a healthy lifestyle. This includes staying away from junk foods, sugary foods and only eat what I call “real food”.

Keeping active, and I don’t mean vigorous exercise, just make sure that you keep moving. Walking is an excellent way to do this.

Life can be exciting at any age. Whether you are six, sixty or eighty, life is still full of abundance, creativity, allure and fresh starts.




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The Story of Flatlands and Death.




I cannot define how young is too young to think about death, that is up to the reader.

As I write this, the world’s eyes are on Paris, in the aftermath of the terrorist crisis of Saturday, November 14th 2015.

Death comes at all ages. Younger people would not naturally be thinking about it, even though it could affect them, either with their own death or of a loved one or friend. Often death at a very young age, is from a tragic accident or from an illness. Certainly those people in Paris, and in many other terror torn parts of the world are very close to thinking about death.

The older we become however, the nearer it seems. People over sixty are targeted by the media with funeral plans, life insurance for the over sixties for those you leave behind and we are encouraged to make it easier for them. We start to make sure that we have a will, or make sure the surgery has it on record whether we want to be resuscitated or not in the event of a heart attack.

But perhaps most of this is how the modern Western civilisation see it.

Other cultures look at death as yet another transition, just like birth.

Where were we before we were born? Where are we going?

Have you ever heard of the people of the imaginary “Flatlands?”

They are a culture where there are only two dimensions. To and fro and side to side. They are happy living like this until one day they become aware of something above them.

Consider this; they cannot even comprehend what “above” is.

Many say that they don’t believe in it. Others say that they would if they could see it. Some of them are aware of it and may pray to it, are afraid of it, worship it, study it. There may even be certain ways of celebrating it. Still others have felt it.

But no-one can prove that it exists.

The people of flatlands live their lives ignoring the phenemenon of “above”.

But from time to time, someone stops breathing and their body dies. Then everyone becomes aware that they just don’t know enough about this strange thing called “above”.

They pray, they grieve and mourn. Some of them become aware that they need to celebrate the life of the person who has died. Have they gone to the place called “above”.

All the time though “above” is just there. Waiting for everyone to just reach out and find a new element of life that will enrich their lives, and give them a whole new dimension of how to live, laugh and love.

Through various teachers though, they become aware that they could include this dimension in their lives now, and that when they die, it is just another dimension, in the same way that they were unaware of “above”  being there, close by.

Not in another realm far away from where they are living, but just there, just above the horizon of their thinking brains and human comprehension. That just because they did not see, hear or feel it, it was not there.

That they just had to accept that above was there, and they could then see, hear or feel it. They could feel it deep within themselves and know that it was there. They could see it if they only opened their eyes, and could certainly hear it, if they only stopped for a while in their busy lives and listened.

Suddenly it was clear that when someone dies, they were actually still there, close by, but in another dimension. There was nothing to be afraid of, there was not going to be judgment and damnation.

And even in this dimension, pain and discomfort, could become bearable and that love would still be there if only they reached out and received it.

My Mother had a dream not so long ago, that she was walking along a path, and that my Father who died three years ago, was walking beside her, but on a path up on top of the bank. That says it all.

So perhaps thinking of death in this way is the way to go. Just another dimension. A comfort to you when you suffer the loss of a loved one, and a way that helps with fear of your own death.






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What is Your Ageing or Health Story?


Are you struggling with weight?

Are you active enough?

Are you always at the doctors surgery?

Are you ageing with vitality? –                                  Are you bored?

I bet that you could find something that you really want to do or be, but you have a story that is holding you back.

It could be that you believe the reason why you are not able to achieve your goal is a genuine one. But why not just write THE END to the old story and begin a new one.

For example. You have contacted a friend and he or she has not answered. In your mind you think, she doesn’t like me anymore, or she is too busy for the likes of me, or I bet she’s out enjoying herself somewhere and doesn’t care. When you eventually find out that she had lost her phone, or was with someone and could not be disturbed, there is sigh of relief and you realise that what you did was to make up a story. And every time a similar circumstance comes up, you re-write the old story.

Let’s  take a problem such as losing weight. It could be that you have tried every diet under the sun and it has not worked. So you have given up trying. How true is your story? Have you really tried every diet under the sun? And if you think that you have, could there be another way, other than dieting?

Take activity, you may have persuaded yourself that you are an active person and that you get plenty of exercise. You go to the gym, or have tried that, but it makes you so tired and hungry that have given it up as a dead loss. Have you thought of trying another way rather than just giving up?

Visiting the doctor for every little ache, pain or concern, can be a bad habit. Or it could be that you are bored. Or it could be that it is your hobby in life to talk about illness instead of just finding out what your condition is, research it, deal with it the best way possible, put it on the back burner and get on with your life.

Are you feeling your age? Do you feel older than your years? Are you blaming everything on your age?

Are you really bored or are you just lifeless with no motivation?

Or are you still living the old story?

I have just watched a Tony Robbins talk on TV in which he talks about how to win in life. He talks about motivation, strategy and how to infuence people, but he reckons that the single biggest thing that holds people back is their story.

What is yours?

What is really stopping you?

Are you telling the same story over and over again in life and not even considering that you could change it?

You do have a choice! You can change it!

What ever you may be feeling that you stuck in, or a failure at, how could you change the story?

Put a stop to procrastination, fear and using your old story as an excuse.

If you are stuck in the old story with your weight, or any food issues, there are two reports that you can obtain FREE with no subscription sign up, and I promise that you will not hear any more from me unless you want to, if you just write to me by email and request one or the other or even both. They are;

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Berries and Ageing with Vitality

Blackberries and patchwork 007DSC_0157

What on earth has berries got to do with ageing you may ask?

A lot actually!

Firstly they are the best fruit that you can eat.

For more on the low down on berries see this link;

In this report, (and you will find a similar story in many others,) Melissa Breyer points out that reserachers have revealed that women who eat strawberries three times a week have less chance of heart attacks. This is because berries have high concentrations of anthocyanin.Pair of red wet cherry fruit on stem with green leaf isolated on white

She goes on to say that women who eat berries experience a slower decline in mental health.

Whilst I am somewhat sceptical of studies, unless I find out how, who or why they were done, the overall conclusion is that they are certainly good for us.

But there is also another connection with berries and ageing.

cherry blossom

The same berries back in the spring were blossoms!

So it is with life. When we are young our bodies are blossoming and have a special beauty. We gaze at the trees in spring and wonder at the colour and splendour, just as we do with young beauty in animals and humans.

The blossom doesn’t last for very long though. A brief month and it falls to the ground leaving a carpet, whilst the tree or bush is left with the core, which grows and matures to a fruit or berry.

Besides a beauty of its own, the berry contains all the goodness, for sustenance for a good and healthy life.

Eventually it is plucked and eaten, or it drops off and becomes the seed for a new bush or tree to grow.

Chestnuts or any seeds and berries that you can think of, have this ability.

Dont forget the mighty oak is grown from a little acorn too. DSC_0079

So too, our ageing process can be of use to planet Earth.

What seeds will you sow in your later years? 

Will you be vital, creative and nurturing?

Will you recognise the beauty of old age?

Will you leave a fruitful and lasting legacy? 

If I have captured your imagination, you can find out more, on my website

Ageing With Vitality

Or we would love to see you in the Facebook group.

Ageing with Vitality.

Facebook group


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What Do You Fear About Ageing?


What is it about ageing that frightens people most do you think?

What do YOU fear most in old age?

I would love to hear from you about your fears and what you think could be done about it.

People blame the Government, their relatives, their offspring or their parents just for starters. It is their perception that;

The Government, don’t do enough to help.

Their relatives don’t care.

Their offspring is too busy.

Their parents; because of the legacy of beliefs, and the way they were brought up.

Have you ever considered that you can change all that?

Have you ever considered that actually the ball is in YOUR court and that actually if you change the way you think, it could change the outcome?

If you are already in a situation where you seem to be at the hands of all the people and situations I have mentioned, then could you make it your desire to help those who are coming behind to learn by your mistakes?

If you are coming up to retirement or consider yourself a YOUNG older person, i.e., Baby Boomer, could you still change the way that you think and make your older years vital and creative? You too could help people to realise that one doesn’t have to be a victim in your older years.

I have just been reading the book “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill again. Alongside that I have been listening to an audio of Wayne Dyers, “Wishes Fulfilled”. Both books teach you how you can change your thinking.

Although these books were written for entrepreneurs, and indeed “Think and Grow Rich” is, there is a lot in them that would help you to change your thinking and enrich your lives in all areas, not just money.

Certainly in your approach to your older years. Whether you are rich or poor, you do have choices in how you think. Thinking is energy and energy is the stuff of which the Universe is made.

Think about it!

We all make choices in life. We all think.

What can you change about the way that you think?

In the next blog, I will give you some examples of how changing the way that you think, can change your health, your outlook on life and can bring you joy, peace and happiness, right where you are now no matter what your circumstances.


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