How often do you use that expression?

Sometimes when we are discussing something, and the other person begins to feel they are losing the argument. They will just say “whatever?”

Or if the other person or even you, doesn’t mind what the choice is when you are both trying to make up your mind what to do, it’s a useful word, right?

But have you stopped to think about the effects this could have? Either good or bad. Whatever!

I found myself using it this morning when I found myself waiting at a bus stop in the rain, for a bus that I found out afterwards had broken down. But I just said “whatever” and enjoyed listening to Wayne Dyer, a spiritual writer and teacher on my iPhone Audio.

Of course, it all depends on the attitude you may have about the word.

Does it mean you couldn’t care less?

Does it mean that you genuinely don’t mind because you want what’s best for the other person?

Or does it have a deeper meaning because you mean that you just want to “Let Go and Let God?”

I have got into a way of thinking now, that no matter what happens, even standing in the rain, I just “Let Go”. While I was waiting, and listening to Wayne, I simply thought that somehow it really did not matter, because there must be a good reason, and “All is well”.

Instead of focusing on the fact that the bus was late, I focused on the fact that there was a shelter and I was not getting wet. In the end, I waited for forty minutes. But I felt that it was worth it because it gave me valuable time to listen to Wayne narrating his book “The Power of Intention”, and I was away from the pressures of home life.

So it is with everything in life. You can let yourself be stressed out over something or you can just “Let Go”.  Whatever.

It is just the same with Ageing.

People in western society see death as something to fear. I believe that there are many reasons for this. Fear of illness, fear of loneliness and fear of dependency on others. But the big one is fear of death.

As Wayne Dyer was saying (see I told you there was a reason that bus was late), it is easier for us to pretend that death is not going to happen to us. Our thinking is that it happens to everyone else. So we go through life unprepared and in denial.

Many of us don’t prepare, even when we are older. I was talking to a friend yesterday who is 91 this year. When I told her that I am training to be a Funeral Celebrant, she was horrified. She thought that it was very peculiar to be thinking about death and funerals, it’s something that she would rather not think about.

I am now 71 and am hoping that I will live a healthy life, supporting others for at least another 25 years. By then I think that I will be ready to retire. There is every possibility that this can happen as there is longevity in my family.

I admit that I do not want to die yet. Simply because I still have so much that I want to do.

But I am willing to be ready for the day. If you know of Wayne Dyer, you will know that he died at the age of 75 last August. At first, it seemed a mystery why this happened when he was doing so much good in the world with his inspirational teaching. But all the same, he was ready.

Death is simply another dimension. One that we don’t understand. But we are simply going back to the state that we were in before we were born on earth.

I think that we need to be prepared from the physical point of view, for ageing and dying. Such as knowing what we would like our loved ones to do with our possessions, funeral and disposal of our body.

While we are still alive, we need to look after our physical bodies to keep as healthy as possible. A nutritious diet, very little alcohol, no smoking and keeping active rather than strenuous exercise.

Keep our minds active, by learning, reading and stretching our creativeness.

And keep our Spiritual lives in a healthy place too. No matter what our beliefs, it is good to have a meditative, prayerful and inspirational aspect.

What can we give to others?

Rather than thinking about what we can get, we need to be ready to give. No matter what state we are in with health, wealth or happiness.

We can all spread and give away, love, peace and joy, or we can give away destructive thoughts that do no one any good, ourselves or others, by constant moaning and complaining about what we have not got, instead of being grateful for what we have. Misery perpetuates misery, and joy perpetuates joy.

Did you know that when you perform an act of kindness, your body produces more Serotonin, the feel good hormone? The same with receiving kindness, and even when you witness an act of kindness.

So no matter what age we are, it is excellent to be prepared for the day that we die. We could die tomorrow. But if you are ready, and you have faced up to the fact that you are going to die, then you can get on with your life and not be afraid.

If you take care of your mind, body and spirit, then you can make the most of every moment of your life.

You can live in the NOW, and you can honestly say “Whatever!” and mean it.

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