What is an Independent Funeral Celebrant?



Hi there.

Have you been wondering about how to have a funeral for someone who is not affiliated to any church or perhaps does not have any particular set of beliefs? 

And yet, you would like to have a funeral that would give the family a chance to say a meaningful goodbye.

When you come to arrange a funeral, very often the choice seems limited to either a religious one, or a secular.

In a church, or in the Crematorium.

But it does not have to be one or the other, you can have an amalgamation of both.

You may also, like a friend of mine recently, like to arrange your own funeral service, because you feel strongly about it. We got together and wrote a script for a funeral that is meaningful to her, and will save her family a lot of worry when she dies.

So here is what is happening in the world of funerals.

An Independent Funeral Celebrant is someone who will assist you in organising and leading a funeral ceremony. In the 21st Century, many people are unafilliated to churches or other religious or even non religious groups. Often when someone dies, the family do not realise that they have a choice. An alternative to a priest of other officiant, is the INDEPENDENT FUNERAL CELEBRANT.

They will visit you in your home and get to know you and the deceased persons beliefs, background and wishes. From this they will help you to construct a funeral that is meaningful and become an important ritual to enable closure and the last chance to focus on the loved one who has died. The Celebrant will then lead the ceremony for you or organise it so that family and friends can take part. 

I can now do this for you. This is what my leaflet says about me. 

Patricia is deeply compassionate and has been offering care, support and friendship all of her life.

She will gently guide you and your loved ones through a Funeral Ceremony which will be part of the healing process of losing a loved one.

We all need loving support at these times, and she will help to create a funeral which will be remembered as a positive experience to enable you to move on.

I am in the final stages of my training at this moment, (April 2016) But can now take funerals with the supervision of Green Fuse, with whom I am training.

If you want to know more, then you can contact me on my email and make arrangements for a short informal chat.

I am also available to give talks at groups, or organisations. 




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Attitude Affects Our Cells.




Are you aware of how much your attitude affects your life?

To some people this is obvious. If we have an “attitude” people can pick it up very easily. This comes into effect particularly with police work for example. If someone displays a certain attitude, they are immediately considered suspicious.

Can you think of a way that you have seen certain attitudes come into play? Someone who gets on the bus or train, for example, can immediately alienate people with an aggressive attitude. Certainly if they have consumed too much alcohol. (That’s putting it politely!)

Have you ever stopped to consider your attitude to yourself?

Did you know that attitude can affect the cells in your body?

Let’s look at Metabolism.

Metabolism is not just about how much you can eat. It is your whole body and your mind.

Attitude has an effect on a cellular level. What we think about what goes into our mouths, affect how the cells metabolise the food. A lifetime of thinking that we need to “be fixed” in some way, can destroy the ability of the cells to do what they have to do.

Thus, affecting weight loss efforts and our ageing.

You may be living your life focusing on how you look, one diet after another, putting on weight and losing it. Eating foods that you KNOW are not good for you all the time can affect the way that your body metabolises it. Carrying on eating these foods and feeling guilty about them, can itself affect your metabolism. A matter of how your thinking can make a difference in your life.

The secret with this is that once you stop worrying about these foods, you could have them. Someone who has never dieted would not worry about the effect that foods are having on their weight, but would probably eat “normal” amounts of them. They may be careful because of the health problems they may cause, but they certainly are not going to worry and get hung up on being a failure when they eat. They get over it!

Marc David writes about this in his book “The Slow Down Diet.”

I spent most of my life, from the age of nineteen and even as a child, believing that I needed to be fixed in some way. My tummy was too big, my bum was too big, I had “child bearing hips”. Then on top of that, I was taught to believe that only Jesus could fix me. I failed at school, I never made the grade, I did not pass the 11 plus! (For the benefit of people in other countries, this was an exam at the age of 11 to determine how you were going to be educated from the age of 11)

So I lived most of my life believing that I was never good enough.

Only now at the age of 71, can I see that I am good enough.

So where does attitude come in?

My attitude of never being good enough has affected my body because I dieted too much. It affected my career as a younger person, because of limited choices. It could have affected my general health if I had not caught it in time.

BUT, in my older years, I appreciate the fact that I can pass on my wisdom to younger generations.

As a younger person, I never knew that my attitude about myself was having such a dire effect. But now, since the age of 67 I have at last learnt that I AM good enough.

I love my body even with the wrinkles and the extra pounds.

I have obtained a level 5 Diploma in Life Coaching at the age of 68.

I am now studying for a level 3 Diploma in Funeral Celebrancy.

My health is good, even though my body does creak from time to time.

I eat whatever I like, but watch the portions and 80% of the time it is REAL food. Funnily enough, because I also listen to my body now, I have a smaller appetite! 

I am happy, healthy, and what’s more, I am living in the Now and have put my past behind me. Most of all I have changed my attitude about myself in my older years. Because of that, I can be a support to people as a Sage in many ways, rather than just relying on the outside world to be there for me.


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Older or Wiser?

ConsciousAgingLogoJust a short blog this week, with a copy of something from the book “The Sages Tao Te Ching.” by William Martin.

This says everything that I believe about ageing. It is why I have named my vision and desire to share with the world how to Age with Vitality.berries-1024x300


Growing older either reveals or hides the mystery of existence.

If you are becoming a Sage you will grow in trust and contentment. You will discover the light of lifes deepest truths. If you are merely growing older, you will become trapped by fears and frustrations. You will see only the darkness of infirmity and death. 

The great task of the Sage is learning to see in the darkness and not be afraid. 

There is one primary choice facing every ageing person: Will we become Sages, harvesting the spiritual essence of our lives and blessing all future generations? Or will we just grow older. withdrawing, circling the wagons, and waiting for the end?

I know which I am choosing, how about you?

There will be more to come, I promise. I am still beavering away on my Diploma level 3 for the Funeral Celebrancy. I am looking forward to sharing a lot of what I am learning with you all.

It is not a subject that people like to think about, even among those of us who are more conscious. But there are only three certainties in life we are born, we live and we die.

While we are living, let us be wise elders and sages and be a support to those coming along behind.

Wouldn’t it be nice to know that we are spreading love, joy and peace to the world.

Aug Sept 2013 010



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