How to Save Money on Funerals

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Are you being sold down the river with TV adverts saying that the average cost of a funeral is £7500?

It would be nearer the mark to say that it is more like £3500. But you can do it for even less than that.

  • Is the subject of death taboo to your family?
  • Do those around you know what you want to happen?
  • Do they know your tastes in music or poetry?
  • Do they know your personal beliefs?

They may know what you don’t want, but do they know what you do want?

Have you had the Big Conversation with loved ones about death?

Whether you have or not, I am offering a chance for you to find out all that there is to know and how you can save your family more grief, money, and searching when the time comes. You can find it all in a FREE report by sending me an email with no ties to newsletters.

Also, the chances are, that even at this present time, you are wondering about funeral arrangements in the near future for a loved one.

You don’t know where to start. You simply have not done this before.

And it is worth remembering that death can apply to anyone at any age. 

Many people say that because they have no beliefs, they do not want a funeral. But you can still have a funeral with no beliefs, and just celebrate the life.

Death and all that it entails is not a subject that is discussed openly and honestly these days. People shy away for various reasons.

The family is expected to find the money for a funeral, and there is no way that they could afford the prices that are bandied about.

The FREE report will help you to find out the easy way because I have done the research for you, studied the subject and am also a professionally trained Funeral Celebrant.

I am offering a unique opportunity for you to create a Funeral Ceremony Will and also find ways to save money on the funeral.

Starting at just £25 I will create a Ceremony Will in which you can state what you want to happen in the event of your death. The details are in the report. But receiving the report does not obligate you in any way.

Many families get involved in further grief trying to arrange a funeral for someone. Arguments ensue, there can be a feeling that something was missing, or a feeling of dissatisfaction and wondering whether the deceased person would have wanted that. There may somehow be a lack of closure.

Someone in the family cannot accept the deceased person’s beliefs or non-beliefs. But if there is a Ceremony Will in with other legal documents such as the funeral plan or legal will, saying what they wanted to happen, there can be no dispute.

The report tells you everything you may want to know about funerals. It describes what happens first after death, and what happens next. If you do have any questions, please ask me.

It describes what choices there are, covers burial, cremation, and other choices, and gives some surprising information about where you can hold a funeral. Did you know for instance that you can hold a funeral in your back garden?

All you have to do is to let me have your email address with no subscribing to newsletters. I will send the report back as a PDF attachment.

Very soon there will be an opportunity to sign up for newsletters. Meanwhile, if you do not want to be added to a mailing list, please state that in your initial email, but until then, this is the way to go..

I do hope that I can be a support you in this difficult subject. But there is a thought that once you have sorted out the matter of what death means to you, it enriches your life. My personal experience is that it is true. 

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