Live well until you die!!!

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A Fresh Look at Funerals.

And ageing and healthy eating!

There is something about that title that is backwards eh?

All will be revealed. Read on.

I am sorry if I seemed to disappear off the horizon for a while, this is for several reasons.

I am not making excuses here because I do not feel the need to do that. In fact, I have been very busy working on several things, as well as the challenge of keeping an eye on my Mother, who is now nearly 95 years old.

Also I have been completing my Diploma for being a Funeral Celebrant.

The Ageing with Vitality is still very much there. Especially with my own experience of how to do that, even with some health challenges such as failing Eyesight, skin and kidney problems.happycherry_cover

Being Vital in older age does not guarantee being free from disease, but it does help you to remain positive and loving, instead of bitter and twisted.

There are some exciting new horizons coming up with my interests in Ageing, Death and all that those life events encompass.

Firstly, I have been tweaking my Website with different pages. They are now clearer, and you can find information on Ageing, healthy eating and funerals.

Hopefully, the healthy eating will delay the ageing process and make the funeral a bit later in life.

The aim is to live well until you die!!

Then when you die, to have a good send off in the form of a celebration instead of a mournful and bleak funeral.

Secondly, I have withdrawn the FREE 4k word report and am selling it in the form of a booklet, once I get it printed, or a PDF online. The price is £5 at the moment, but will increase shortly. This would be deducted from the price of a Ceremony Will.

Thirdly. I have now decided to call my Funeral Celebrancy business, the new Free Report and the Ceremony Wills, “A Fresh Look at Funerals.”

The new FREE report is simply a way for people to discover that there is another way for funerals in general. And give you the oppurtunity to find out what a Ceremony Will is, or a way for you to organise a funeral for a loved one.

You can obtain the FREE report by sending me your email address, and I will download the PDF to you.  It explains how funerals can be a positive experience.

Or you can purchase the longer report for £5, remember that this price is only temporary, which will be counted towards the Ceremony Will if you wish to proceed.

Contact me by email which is



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