What’s Next with Ageing?




Are you living in the now? Or are you living for what comes next?

On the bus the other day I was watching a toddler, playing her Mum up to come out of the pushchair. As Mums often do to get some peace, she eventually took her out and put her on her lap.

Not content with that, the toddler decided that she wanted to get down on the floor. She had got what she wanted, but was not content with that and wanted something more.

Although there is nothing wrong with always wanting something more, we can be so busy wanting it, that we fail to appreciate what we already have.

So, what does this have to do with ageing?

My 95-year-old Mother, (I know I often refer to her with my writing, but she is my teacher and example in life on how to, or how not to age. I will add that she breaks all the rules as far as general advice goes for ageing, and I wonder how on earth she has reached 95 and is still in quite good health, even if she does not appreciate it.)

Anyway, as I was saying, she has a saying that she frequently uses when I ask how she is.

“I’m getting there!”

One day recently she asked how I was doing and I said “I’m fine Mum”. Her response was, “Getting there then?”

I found to my delight that I could answer “I’m already there Mum!” I almost surprised myself with this answer, and I realised that I was indeed already there.


Well, I am happy, have peace of mind most of the time, I have love in my life from my husband, friends and family and I love myself.

I have a roof over my head which is comfortable and easy to keep clean. It is not the latest in design or full of useless things.

I have a wardrobe full of colourful clothes, which had not in any way cost me a lot of money, they are either from Charity shops, gifts from friends who have lost or put on weight, or from the Sales. Oh yes, I forgot the ones that I made too.

I have enough money to be comfortable, because I live a simple life, have no car to run, free bus pass, and no debts.

I have good health, in fact, my health has improved somewhat in the last couple of years since I stopped relying on the medical practice to tell me what I should do. The only drawback is my eyesight. But I am working on that not becoming an illness or causing too much disability.

I also have a very healthy diet. With the odd exception, I eat mostly organic, local foods, unprocessed and have perhaps a glass of wine once a week. When I eat out, I choose as near to those rules as possible and will ask the restaurant to tweak the menu for me.

In other words, I feel abundant, free and love my life. Just as I am now.

vision board 2016I do have a vision board which I wrote about in another blog because we do need to have a vision no matter what our age. My vision board includes holidays, nice clothes, a pretty garden, supporting people in my capacity of Funeral Celebrant. Being a speaker in front of a large audience about how to Age with Vitality, which is what I am doing.

I have balance in my life; I am already there, but I also have a vision for the future right up until the day I die. And if that day is nearer than I think, then I can say that I died content and knowing that I lived my life fulfilled, happy and healthy.

I am indeed Ageing with Vitality. How about YOU? Will you age with Vitality Consciousness and health?me-1998


The first photo was in 1996


You could find out how you too could age with vitality by joining the facebook group “Ageing with Vitality” and also “Second Bloom” on Facebook, which is run by Sally Canning.

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Hummingbird Funeral Ceremonies.



The Hummingbird is an extremely versatile bird. There are many varieties, and they symbolise Lightness of being, Being more present, Independence, bringing playfulness and joy to life, Lifting up negativity, Ability to respond quickly and resiliency.

At a time of bereavement and experiencing death, someone who can use these abilities to bring comfort and compassion is vital if we are to remember our loved one’s funeral and the time just before and just after the ceremony, with a meaningful experience, rather than despair and hopelessness.

A funeral celebrant will endeavour to bring you an experience that will, just like the hummingbird, lift up negativity by making the funeral a ceremony that celebrates and remembers the deceased’s life. This will be carried out by reflecting on their values and beliefs and what they would like to leave behind for those who have lost them.

An independent Funeral Celebrant is independent of all religions, races or what is expected at funerals in general. The ceremony is designed to remind people of memories that may make them laugh, cry and reflect on who the person was.

By being present or there beside you, they will bring a sense of compassion and comfort that will carry you through a difficult time.

I have decided to use the Hummingbird for my brand and logo, because this bird has a spiritual connection to changing direction quickly and smoothly, invites you to flex your path to accommodate life’s circumstances.

As a Funeral Celebrant, I have been trained to support you in the adaptation of your new life circumstances by offering a funeral ceremony that will lighten the burden of loss a little and help you to move on to your new life without the person who has died.

The Hummingbird totem wisdom challenges us to stand strong while being able to fly high. When facing challenges that are plagued with negativity, you can call on the spirit of the Hummingbird to help you bring a positive outlook on the situation and find your way with optimism.

I can do this with the use of music, poetry and even dance to suit your wishes and beliefs, whatever they may be. Religious, secular or a mixture of both.

Eternity, continuity and infinity are the words, which for me bring home the message of the hummingbird.

We do not know what eternity is, but we may or may not choose to believe that our soul or essence will live on in eternity.

Continuity denotes the continuity of life that we leave behind on the earth. No matter what our beliefs, we do leave a stamp behind on this planet in some way, shape or form.

Infinity is the state of being infinite, and acknowledging that although death is finite, our infinity says that we cannot comprehend the endlessness, boundlessness or limitlessness of the Universe. It is only our perception that puts the limits on our comprehension on what happens after death. Because we are human, living in a vast Universe.

Not only can I help with the funeral of your loved one at the time of bereavement, but I can also support you in making your wishes known for your own funeral before you die. None of us knows when that may be, but it is good to be prepared.

By creating a Funeral Ceremony Will, you can leave behind your wishes for the way that your funeral is to be carried out. That way, your family will know your favourite music, poetry, beliefs and facts about you for your Eulogy.

This will save them, even more pain when they are in a state of shock after losing you because making choices at that time can be bewildering and cause disagreements among family.

I will design and write a script and your wishes, right down to the choice of coffin, transport and whether you want to be cremated or buried. Followed by a written eulogy that can be flexible, but will contain facts about you that family or friends may not know.

I will interview you either in person or online, to find out and suggest ideas, and send you a draft for corrections, then finish with a copy that you can print out and put into your files, or print it for you.

I would love to support you in whatever capacity you would like.

Please get in touch with me for a chat if you have any questions.


There is a FREE report available, please request it by email above. You will not be added to a mailing list.


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