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In the light of more news coming out about the Cholesterol and Statins conundrum, let me tell you a story.

Seven years ago, I found out that I have what the NHS considers to be high Cholesterol. 11.5  I was put on statins, and very quickly began to have such bad side effects that I had to leave them off.

Then, the GP sent me to the Lipid Clinic. I felt humiliated and angry to start with when a young student interviewed me to find out my background. She said that I was over the safe limit on the BMI table, (27) and that I had better do something about it. She was supposed to be asking me about my lifestyle, but never asked whether I had been “Doing Something About It!”

I had been doing something about it all of my life, and was feeling great that I was still only 27 on the BMI table!  So you can imagine my anger. But that is another story.

However, the Lipid Consultant gave me some other drugs than statins, which I took. When I went back four weeks later, my Cholesterol had gone down. So she then gave me an added drug. To this day I cannot understand why she did that if the other one was working anyway. In my ignorance, I began to take them.

By now I was beginning to do a lot of research of my own. And discovered that this drug had NOT BEEN ENTIRELY PROVED TO BE SAFE!

The rest of the story, in brief, was that I wrote to the consultant, discussed it with my GP, (who was very open-minded) and left all the drugs off.

I had read two books which I highly recommend to you, and which the consultant said that she would be putting in an official complaint about the authors because they were damaging peoples health! She was bringing my case up at the conference she was attending on Heart research, and she was writing to my GP with a disclaimer notice.

My GP laughed when I went to her next, and put my head around the door before my body,  and asked if it was safe to come in, seeing as she had had this letter from said Consultant. But she said that she had already written back to the consultant saying that her patient (me) had obviously done a lot of research and that she was entitled to make up her own mind.

Since then, my readings have gone down to 7.5 which is about right for someone my age. Without any drugs, but eating a balanced diet and NOT LOW FAT.

So, before you carry on believing all that is said about having to keep your Cholesterol Levels down, far too low for many of us, read these books. I don’t claim to be an expert, but I know enough to realise that I am a lot better off letting my body do as it thinks best.

The books that I read were The Great Cholesterol Con, by Dr Malcom Kendrick, whom I have now met and he gave me a signed copy in honour of the way that I stood up to these medical bullies. His book is informative, easy reading and funny in a tongue in cheek fashion.


And Ignore the Awkward, by Uffe Ravnskov

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  1. John Dunlop

    Very interesting. Thanks for sharing. I was diagnosed with Diabetes type 2 last year. After my health checkup, I was advised that my Cholestorol was too high and I was prescribed Statins. I took them for a couple of days but started getting head and stomach pains and I attributed them to the Statins. I then started to do my own research. I was horrified by what I discovered. It appears that doctors are routinely prescribing Statins to a huge number of people…for the rest of their lives!! Quite apart from the cost to the NHS, and the side effects, this seemed to be a con. My research led me to believe that I could quite easily achieve the same result as the Statins by eating more oatmeal, for example. So I binned the Statins and everything seems to be just fine.

    • admin

      Yes John. YOu are among the many who are beginning to wake up to what is really happening. I am looking forward to the day when the medical authourities realise that their word is no longer gospel. People are doing more research themselves.

      Well done for sorting yourself out and for standing up for what you know to be the truth.

  2. Kaye Parker

    Hi Patricia, I’ve been a member of your group for some time but I don’t often check in. Your latest post a pout statins and your own decision to eat healthy-but not low-fat-prompted me to write and say “Good for you”.

    I’m 76 (77 in August), and try to eat well. I still enjoy red meat, butter and lots of veggies. Until a very recent hip problem, I’ve been walking about 6 miles most days, go to strength training once a week and stretching every day. Iam still doing some occasional training/facilitating for supervisors & managers. I don’t work for the money but for the pleasure of sharing what I know and learning from others. Right now I’m going to a physio to get myself back in shape.

    I know my BMI is too high but like you, I work at it.

    • admin

      Hi Kaye. How wonderful to hear from you. Reading you comment was like reading something about myself. Your life style and philosophy are so like mine. It is encouraging to know that you are in my group. I dont work at it as much as I could, because I live quite a busy life. I am studying again at the moment training to be and End of Life Consultant. For advice on legal and personal matters before we go. See you on the group.

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