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In my book The Truth Has Set Me Free, I tell the story of how I spent a lifetime seeking the truth for me. It is a message of what our truth really is. The truth is finding what is right for you. Or even what feels right for you. And it is in every aspect of your life, whether it be the way you eat, your beliefs, career, parenting, education and everything else.

Have you been taught beliefs that you know are not right for you? Ask yourself, ‘Is this my truth, or someone else’s?’

Do you label yourself as something, such as ‘I am a vegetarian’, or ‘I am not good enough’, or ‘I am a Buddhist or Christian’? Is that a heart-felt thing? Or just a label you have adopted and are trying to live up to? Indeed, do you need to label anything?

There have been two major issues in my life on which I have spent inordinate amounts of energy and time. One is my Spiritual beliefs and the other is finding the perfect way of eating. And I have come to the conclusion as far as both are concerned that there is no perfect way!

Because I never felt good enough, I’ve spent most of my life on a futile errand. I am what I am and have realised too that the words ‘I am’ are a powerful pair of words, because the language we use is powerful and makes a difference to our reality.

I was seeking the truth, and although the book was finished twelve months ago now, I still continue to unravel my beliefs. And am still finding deeper and deeper truths about myself in every way. You can read how I untangled myself from fundamental Christianity in my book. And I have written a few other books about diet. In fact they show you how to find the way of eating that suits your body, and not a diet that seems to be the perfect one for everyone.

At the time of writing this, I’m learning that the truth about how we need to eat lies within us. We find it with experience and experimenting.

And there is a Spiritual dimension to eating and food. The way it’s prepared, and by whom. And that includes the mood that the cook is in, by the way. Who we are with when we eat, why we eat and so on.

In the 21st century we are inundated with books and information about healthy eating. Many authors believe that their way is the only way. Whether it is raw food, plant based, Keto, or low fat, if it’s right for the author, then it’s supposedly right for everyone. But the truth is that every body is as individual as every face! There is no one diet to suit all, and there is no set of beliefs that suits everyone.

So, how do we know what’s best for us?

First of all there is no right or wrong way, neither in nutrition, nor anything else. People who struggle with conditions such out-of-control weight, binge eating and bulimia have got into their predicament through failure to understand that.

We judge ourselves on what we eat. Slimmers use the phrase that they’ve had a good or bad day based on whether they’ve stuck to their diet or not. And they are following a set of rules laid down by someone else. Or even, as in my case, a set of rules that we’ve given ourselves.

And, through the hormone cortisol, which the body produces when we are under stress, and helps preserve our fat stores, (a very long procedure which you can google) we put ourselves into painful times of lack and deprivation.

Take a typical scenario of a family Sunday Lunch. Mum has cooked a delicious meal of roast chicken, with all the trimmings, followed by apple pie. You are on a diet or there is food there that you cannot eat, because it’s not on your horizon. So you sit and watch the others, feeling left out, or feeling that you are the only one who has it right, and disgusted that everyone does not eat your way. Stress or not? This is where the Spiritual side of eating comes in.

You may believe that it’s more complicated than that, but I’m simply using it as an illustration. And actually it is a straightforward choice. More than we believe,  until we try it. This is where the spiritual dimension comes in to it. Ask yourself, ‘Am I choosing to opt out, because that is my truth? Or am I choosing to opt out because of what someone else has said?’. I find the words ‘What for’ helpful. Why make this or that choice? And be honest with yourself. Take it to your heart and see how it feels. Whatever side you come down on, that is how to recognise your truth!

And that applies to every area of your life. New mothers, for example can worry too much about what is right for their babies. I’ve seen them struggle to breast feed a fretful baby, and won’t top up with formula because the midwife or health worker told them not to.

We need to ask our hearts, in every aspect of the choices in our lives. Truth comes from the heart, not the head. The well-known expression for that is ‘gut feeling’. That is because when you recognise something is right or wrong for you, we sometimes feel as if we’ve been punched in the gut! And recent research is finding a strong connection between the gut and the heart. And it has now been shown that we have brain cells in our heart! That is what we mean when we talk about feeling from the heart. Those wow moments or light bulb moments. The moments when something leaps out of the page when we’re reading, or moves us deeply when we hear a piece of music. Or a sunset. It’s coming from the heart.

As individuals we can learn to create, act or believe from the heart.

Moments of clarity are something to be treasured.

And most of all, your truth is yours alone. We don’t need to teach others, unless they ask.

I have been so happy in the last few years, that my husband asked me what tablets was I taking!

Of course I have grieved for him since he died last year, but underneath my grief there has been peace. At times when I’ve felt various emotions such as anger, loneliness and sadness, there has been a peace which passes all understanding.

Now I’m learning to be at peace with my eating and my body as well my Spirituality.

How about you?

For further reading you can look up my books here on my website, along with many articles on various subjects, that I have written on my journey.

And for a connection between Spiritual and physical health and diet I strongly recommend Nourishing Wisdom by Marc Davis.


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