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Slimming diets do not work! We need to stop eating fake food!

NEED TO LOSE WEIGHT? A Word of Warning!

Sod dieting, Just Eat – The Politics of Dieting

In the light of all the fuss about the dangers of Obesity and being Overweight with COVID-19, I want to warn people about the fact that:

Slimming diets do not work!

Don’t be tempted to count calories, points, or the pounds on the scales.

Fake Food

What we need to do is simply to stop eating fake food.
It may be the only step you need to take, if you’ve never lost weight before.

What do I mean by fake food? As a rough guide: if it’s in a packet, if it’s got more than five ingredients and it’s laden with sugar, then it’s fake food.
Don’t be tempted by the ‘eat less, move more’ suggestion. It won’t work in the long run. Firstly, by eating less you will be hungry. Secondly, if you move more you will be hungry!

Being Active

That is not to say that being active is not healthy.

So… Join a slimming club or not?
Join a slimming club or gym if it helps with any support you may need, but don’t be pressured into reaching a lower weight than you want to be. And make sure the leader is a person who completely understands the food industry’s need to push unhealthy foods. Some of them are controlled by the food industry, who are only interested in promoting their own brands.

AND if you do join, don’t just go for the weigh-in. Stay for the discussion and mutual support.

Be calorie aware, but do not count them. Lowering calorie intake too far will only lower your metabolic rate.

So what can I do then?
If you have read this far, you may be wondering how you can do it.

Firstly, change your eating habits.
If you are a newbie to this idea, there are loads of tips on this website. I have also published three books about this on Amazon.

Sod Dieting

How to Design Your Own Diet

How To Spot The Best Diet: 25 Diets Reviewed

So How Come I Know So Much?

A word about myself and the many thousands of people who find that no matter what they do, they cannot lose weight. They may almost starve themselves, lose some weight, and the moment they eat something that is not in the set of rules, the diet goes out of the window and the weight goes back on again, and perhaps even more besides. And that is why I am passionate about not dieting.

I have had fifty years’ experience with various ways of losing weight, and fluctuating by as much as four stone. The only good thing about it is that I’ve realised the futility of it all, and it has at least made me very aware of what I’m putting into my body.

Don’t Count Calories

Now fifty years later, I am still over a stone more than I was in the first place, and after asking a top Nutritionist several years ago why I cannot lose any weight, his answer was that I have completely thrown my metabolism out of sync. By that I mean that I have dieted and binged so much, that my body has learnt to exist on a very small number of calories.

I once trained with Slimming Club Magazine in the 80s, who told me to cut down to 900 calories a day to get rid of the last remaining pounds I needed to become a leader!

I don’t count calories any more. But what I do now is intermittent fasting and very low sugar. It’s roughly speaking the Keto Diet. But I don’t deny myself foods that I love. Just a little bit occasionally, and I savour every mouthful.

Food Intolerances

Another result of the bingeing side of it is that I have built up an intolerance to certain foods. Wheat is just one of them, but the main one.

The outcome for me, and I wish I had known this back in the 60s, is that it has taken all these years to learn to love my body and food!
What do I mean?

Well first of all I’ve now realised that the fat does not make me who I am. And my body does not need fixing.

Secondly, by keeping to foods that nourish me, both spiritually and physically, I am loving my body. The shell that I’ve now been living in for 76 years, has served me well, in spite of the abuse I have given it.

I have written this, because I want to get the message across that, while being obese can damage your health, being fit is just as important in the greater scheme of things.

And the media are having a hay day too about being overweight. But there are studies that show that being overweight in itself is not unhealthy, it is just that it can lead to obesity.

Further Information

I can refer you to Aseem Mulhutra, Zoe Harcombe, Gary Taubes, and Jason Fung, just for starters. Look them up on YouTube and you will find a lot of interesting ideas that may change your life.

Remember, being healthy is about changing your lifestyle, and not Going on a diet! Don’t even mention the word!


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