Facebook? Grrh!

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Facebook? Grrh.

Don’t Mention Facebook!

This is the reaction of some of my friends and family when I mention something I’ve done, seen or experienced on Facebook. To the point that sometimes I hesitate to mention it. But I would like to share with you some of my greatest experiences with Facebook.

Joy Be Your Guide – painting by Monty Shulberg

First and foremost, at the moment I am sharing a journey on there with a wonderful inspiring woman who believes she is dying from cancer. Along with many others, in the hundreds, I have watched and shared Sarah May’s journey through an accident which caused many months of anguish over her injuries. Then in full recovery her training and work as a Funeral Celebrant. And now, since the beginning of 2020 her experience with cancer, which I understand has now pervaded the whole of her body.

Sarah is now receiving palliative care, and is in a lot of pain. And she is sharing with us the rocky road of this potentially devastating illness.

In the last few weeks we have witnessed her joy at a bucket list helicopter ride. Her bridal shower, and her wedding were filmed on Facebook live, so that we could be there during the difficulties of both the cancer and COVID-19 restrictions.+

She and her husband Dave wanted to get married and we witnessed the utter joy of that day, as a silent but present community. Sarah is proving to be an inspiring writer, sharing her darkest moments, as well as the joy of seeing what she can be grateful for. Here is part of a post she wrote today about Gratitude.

“Gratitude… What is It?”

“It’s often come associated with that heavy ‘should’ feeling for me. As I write, my eye is drawn to a squirrel who is at the outermost limb of a branch in the chestnut tree. I am drawn to his speed and dexterity as he navigates the thinnest tendrils for his prize. Now I notice how the sunlight is making the green leaves coppery in its reflection. And the pigeon flitting through the blue sky. The softness of my pillows behind my head.

“Where I have often practised breathing techniques to help with anxiety, now the breath hurts in my ribs and concentrating on it creates anxiety instead. Back to looking out the window, back to a gratitude inquiry.

“So then, wholly I am grateful to have experienced this crazy human life. I’ve no idea what I was doing. I made it up as I went along, in all my glorious messiness. I’ve figured some stuff out and some stuff still has me baffled. I’m not certain what we think is going to happen when we choose this life (indeed I’m not certain if we choose this life at all, or if that’s just another story to make us feel better). Here we are though. Made up of water and stardust yet with consciousness… stumbling through the experience of life, finding things to be grateful about. You really have to laugh, hey?”

It is a privilege and honour to be sharing just a part of Sarah’s journey, and a rare opportunity to witness the intimate details of someone who is in her position. It’s a subject that many people avoid. The elephant in the room.

Reasons to Love Facebook

There are many other reasons why I love Facebook. Finding a long-lost friend for example, without whom I would not be where I am now: Grace Chatting.

Finding the group called The Silver Tent, which is free and has more than 7000 members around the world. Silver Synergy is a paid-up offshoot in which I have met many valuable friends, some of them in the flesh. And it was that group which Sundy belongs to and initiated a fund to give Sarah the helicopter ride. True sisterhood indeed.

Through Silver Synergy I received much love, support, coaching and counselling, not only with self-inquiry but with grief at the death of my husband Tom 12 months ago. And I published my book The Truth Has Set Me Free last year with the help and support of Vanessa. Andrea did the first draft and design of the cover.

Too many to mention, but some of the others are Sandra, Hilary, and most recently the Magic Makeover Group with Jeanette Kishori McKenzie.

And of course I cannot leave out the founder of The Silver Tent, Francesca Cassini, who has kindly read this through before I post it.

Facebook Groups I Have Enjoyed

Another benefit that I have enjoyed is the groups I belong to, some of which I left quickly if I found them too painful to be part of. The good ones are a Greyhound group, Borrow my Doggie, Macular Degenerative disease and Staying Well.

I also have a couple of groups that I run: Humorous Ageing, Staying Vital As We Age, and The Truth Can Set You Free, all of which I intend to focus on more when life settles down a bit more.

Of course many of you are already using Facebook, and I’m sharing this blog with those of my friends who seem to have problems with Facebook, because they only hear the negative stuff.

But I have learnt to block stuff on Facebook which could bring me down, and rarely do I find anything that can do that.

I suppose you could say that I’m justifying myself for having anything to do with Social Media. But that is a problem that is certainly not mine eh?


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