Resilience through Grieving

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From Hole to Whole – Resilience through Grieving

Joy Sackett Wood was devastated when her son Jack died suddenly the day before his 40th birthday. It inspired her to write her book From Hole to Whole, exploring resilience through grieving.

Everyone’s experience with grieving is unique to them. There is no right or wrong way to grieve.

Other people may attempt to steer you in the direction that they think you should go. And at a time like this, emotions can be in a turmoil. Disbelief and anger one moment, and acceptance the next.

You may find yourself angry at something disconnected with your loss. Or feelings of guilt about anything at all.

Some people feel numb, or catch themselves laughing one moment and in tears within seconds.

Many want to be alone, many do not.

The right words may not come easily from others. They can only imagine your experience.

Importance of Ritual

The importance of Ritual is sometimes overlooked. For me it was the lack of knowledge of where my dear husband’s body was. Because he died suddenly in the resuscitation ward at the hospital, and he had requested no funeral, I walked out after being with him when he died. And the next thing I knew after weeks of waiting for the coroner’s report, and waiting for an unaccompanied cremation to take place, finally his ashes were delivered to my door. Only then could any ritual take place, that being a small family gathering to scatter his ashes on the moors that he loved.

Reading Joy’s book eighteen months later was for me confirmation that I had dealt with it all so far with resilience, and that there is still more I can do.

Whether you have recently been bereaved, or some time ago and are struggling, or even are just curious, this book will help you to understand the meaning of resilience.

Joy has broken the word down into 10 steps. Explaining her own experience and how it helped her, and how you can use it on your journey through grief with acceptance of what has happened, and coming into a place of peace.

However it is not just another book about grieving. It is a book to keep, and work from.

It’s probably good to read it through and then go back over a step at a time. There may be steps you can skip and go back to another time.

But one thing is for sure. If you want to enhance your life through it all, which is what Joy did, it’s an investment.


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If you would like to explore resilience through grief, please contact me.

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