Staying Vital As We Age

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I have been pondering over the ageing thing. My Facebook group called Ageing With Vitality carried that name for several years. I chose it because it had a good ring to it, and people who understand thought it was a … Continued

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Christmas Hoo-Haa

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Where can God be amidst all the hoo-haa of Christmas? I heard a talk this week which set my Christmas bells ringing. He was speaking about who or what is God. Many of us believe that God is separate from … Continued

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Birthday Blog. Wizzdom. The Truth Has Set Me Free

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On my birthday this year, I can truly say that “The Truth Has Set Me Free.” Life in my older years is proving to be the very best ones of my time on Planet Earth. I am healthy; I am … Continued

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Do you really need to lose weight?

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Before you embark on any programme to lose weight, it is worth while asking yourself why? Once you decide that you are in no doubt that you want or need to lose, and you are not just jumping on the … Continued

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