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Don’t seems to be the mantra of our everyday lives. What is left I wonder? Don’t; eat meat; eat wheat; use straws; use plastic cups or bottles; eat saturated fat; use glitter coffins; use paper; be buried in a council … Continued

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In the light of more news coming out about the Cholesterol and Statins conundrum, let me tell you a story. Seven years ago, I found out that I have what the NHS considers to be high Cholesterol. 11.5  I was … Continued

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A New Relationship With Food

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My new relationship with food. Many of you will know that I see myself as an expert on food issues and addictions to certain food. I have written books about it and numerous blogs and even designed a workbook to … Continued

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The Power of Choice

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On Saturday, February 24th I attended a talk by Caroline Myss in London UK. Her subject was Power Choices. Many people have asked me to tell them about it. So I have squeezed Caroline’s 5-hour teaching into this five-minute blog. … Continued

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