Do you really need to lose weight?

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Before you embark on any programme to lose weight, it is worth while asking yourself why? Once you decide that you are in no doubt that you want or need to lose, and you are not just jumping on the … Continued

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Don’t seems to be the mantra of our everyday lives. What is left I wonder? Don’t; eat meat; eat wheat; use straws; use plastic cups or bottles; eat saturated fat; use glitter coffins; use paper; be buried in a council … Continued

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In the light of more news coming out about the Cholesterol and Statins conundrum, let me tell you a story. Seven years ago, I found out that I have what the NHS considers to be high Cholesterol. 11.5  I was … Continued

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A New Relationship With Food

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My new relationship with food. Many of you will know that I see myself as an expert on food issues and addictions to certain food. I have written books about it and numerous blogs and even designed a workbook to … Continued

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