The book The Truth Has Set Me Free and others by Patricia Cherry

The Truth Has Set Me Free

How One Woman Freed Herself From The Bondage of Fundamental Christianity

(Paperback and Kindle editions)

Finding the Truth over a lifetime freed Patricia Cherry from the narcissistic teachings of the Christian fundamentalist churches she belonged to as a child and young woman.  This is the moving story of love, compassion and forgiveness on her part for everyone concerned.  Painting a vivid picture of life as a child in the 1940’s and 1950’s and as a mother in the 1960’s and 1970’s, Patricia candidly shares her journey to freedom from indoctrinated beliefs. READ MORE



How Food Evolved

Have you ever considered how the food we eat has evolved?
Have you ever wondered why our food today is laden with sugar, salt and other preservatives?
In this book you will discover how our hunter-gatherer ancestors existed and what they ate, before the advent of farming, domesticated animals and mass-produced food.
You will also learn about the obesity epidemic which has gripped the western world and where it has its roots. In addition, I show how food has rapidly developed and changed as the 20th century progressed and our eating habits changed. READ MORE



The Politics of Dieting

(Kindle edition)

This book is for readers who want to lose weight because they think that  being a few pounds lighter would make a big difference to their lives.

People who are obese or grossly overweight may find it useful, too. But the author’s main purpose is to help the ones who go on diet after diet and live under the tyranny of the scales. Their mood changes from good if the scales are a few pounds down, to not so good if the number has gone up.

Many fall into a pattern of bingeing and starving, because of the physical malnourishment of very low calories. Just as many also fail to recognise emotional needs and use food as a substitute.

Click the image to buy the eBook  on your local Amazon site  (Amazon Universal link). READ MORE




Find Out How To Manage Your Own Weight Your Way

(Kindle edition)

Research shows that people lose weight and keep it off better if they can find a way to diet to fit their own lifestyle.
This book gives people a chance to find out how to fit their favourite foods into a plan that they can follow, because they are making their own rules and not someone else’s. READ MORE




25 Diets Reviewed by an Expert Dieter!

Do you sometimes wish that you had a book that was honest about which diets work? Well here it is!

This book has been compiled of 25 diets that are the best known, and most of them either. The author or someone she knows has tried most of them.

It’s good to know which diets are the most nutritious, long lasting and can be used for indefinite periods. With the odd tweak to allow for special occasions and treats, ff course.

We just cannot expect to go through life never allowing ourselves to join in these celebrations and special occasions. Otherwise we will feel left out and deprived, and then end up bingeing, or depressed, or both. READ MORE


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