Find Out How To Manage Your Own Weight Your Way

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Design Your Own Diet to Suit You

Research is finding that people lose weight and keep it off better if they can find a way to diet to fit their own lifestyle. This book gives people a chance to find out how to fit their favourite foods into a plan they can follow – because they are making their own rules and not following someone else’s.


Design Your Own Diet helps the reader to examine what food means to them, and what foods they can identify that may give them problems for any reason. And of course, what foods they can use in designing their own diet.
There are chapters on Self-image, Why you feel you need to diet, The Food industry, a brief look at how your beliefs could be limiting you, and a short summary on food intolerances and what further reading there is available to deal with them.

A chapter on nutrition and nourishment explains the importance of macro- and micro-nutrients. It also looks at the confusion around fats and carbohydrates, and helps the reader to decide for themselves what works for them. This section also has recommendations for further  reading.


The author is a Life Coach who has also been a Chronic Dieter herself for over forty years. She understands the difficulty that people have in sorting out the many conflicting ideas in the dieting world.

Patricia now runs a Weight Management Life Coaching service online. She is a speaker, and the author of the e-books Reflections of a Chronic Dieter and Thinking into Shrinking. She advises one rule only: avoid processed, sugary, refined foods.

When you have read this book, you will understand more fully why you have found it so difficult to keep to a diet in the past. When you design your own diet, and make your own rules, then you will feel more like honouring what you have set out to do. And you will be committed to a goal that you know you have set for yourself.

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