The Politics of Dieting

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This book is for readers who want to lose weight because they think that maybe being a few pounds lighter would make a big difference to their lives.

People who are obese or grossly overweight may find it useful too, but the author’s main purpose is to help those who go on diet after diet and live under the tyranny of the scales. Their mood changes from good if the scales are a few pounds down, to not-so- good if the number has gone up.

Many fall into a pattern of bingeing and starving, due to physical malnourishment brought on by a very low calorie intake. Just as many individuals fail to recognise emotional needs, and use food as a substitute. This is not a diet book, it is an informative and insightful one on how to eat a healthy diet and stay away from restrictive calorie-counting and permanent hunger for the rest of your life.
It is a how-to book on avoiding the pitfalls that people can fall into when weight- watching.

Chronic Dieter

The author is an expert, because after being a chronic dieter for over forty years, she has now found a way to be free from the tyranny of the scales.

But because of all the past abuse of her body, bingeing one moment and putting on 28 pounds at a time, then starving the next and losing it over and over again, her body is now rebelling and she can eat very little to maintain it.

The has put pen to paper because her passion in life is to get the message across that dieting is a road full of potholes and it is not easy to avoid them if you persist in going on one diet after another. The secret is to find a way of eating that suits you, the individual, and not someone else’s idea of what you should or should not eat. There are no rules, just the idea of making up your own rules. Keep portions small, don’t let yourself get hungry, and eat only nourishing foods.

She has written two other books along the same lines, and you will find the first chapter in Sod Dieting is repeated in Design Your Own Diet which is on Amazon Kindle.

If you are a chronic dieter, you will find yourself identifying with much of what she has said and experienced. So read, enjoy and learn how you too can escape the everlasting tyranny of the scales and the constant obsession with what to eat.

Patricia is now a Life Coach, specialising in Making Diet History. She also helps people to stop bingeing on food that is not nourishing, and simply adding weight by consuming “empty calories”.

Sod Dieting!

Then when you find your liberation, you too can help others in turn to change their dieting into history. Thus, we spread the word that in all the time we have been dieting, obesity and food issues are worse than they have ever been.
(She has also written a book on the History of Dieting, 10,000 Years of Weight Watching. Also on Amazon in paperback or kindle, which covers this subject.)

So the strong message from this book is SOD DIETING! It’s a curse and it does not work.

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