How One Woman Freed Herself from the Bondage of Fundamental Christianity

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Publisher: Cherry Publications
Publication Date: May 1919
Language: English
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244 pages
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ISBN-10: 1077200994
ISBN-13: 978-1077200999

Finding the Truth over a lifetime freed Patricia Cherry from the narcissistic teachings of the Christian fundamentalist churches she belonged to as a child and young woman. This is the moving story of love, compassion and forgiveness on her part for everyone concerned. Painting a vivid picture of life as a child in the 1940s and 1950s and as a mother in the 1960s and 1970s, Patricia candidly shares her journey to freedom from indoctrinated beliefs.

Throughout these years Trisha experienced loneliness, motherhood, binge eating and the joys of friendship, and writing and singing in amateur theatricals. She knew that something had been missing in her childhood – though she still hadn’t worked out what it was. She knew she didn’t feel ‘good enough’, and realised that a rogue part of her personality sought to sabotage any success she might have.

They returned to Plymouth, and to the spell of fundamentalist groups. A chastening experience in Malta did not shake their belief in the doctrines, indeed life seemed to be going well when her husband left the navy, and he and Trisha opened first one, and then several successful nursing homes.

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