Food; Friend, Fun or Foe?

  For over forty years, I considered myself a victim. To; My Self Image My ugly body The fat on my body Foods that just triggered me off A compulsion to just carry on eating, even when full Dieting to … Continued

Do You Binge Eat?

    FREE 17 page Report on Binge Eating and Compulsive Eating. Do you know the difference? Binge eating is more common that you think. BInge eating is usually done in secret. Binge eaters are usually near normal weight. This … Continued

What You Get? Weight Control – IF YOU ALWAYS DO WHAT YOU’VE ALWAYS DONE; YOU WILL ALWAYS GET WHAT YOU’VE ALWAYS GOT! Just a short blog and to the point today! This quote is used by many people in the personal developement … Continued