What Grief Means for Me

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I now know what grief means. Because I have been living with grief since my beloved husband died only six weeks ago. I have written about death, prepared for the end of life, and have conducted funerals myself in the … Continued

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Staying Vital as You Age?

The blossoms are the essential part of the progession to the fruit; and the fruit is just as vital. Have you noticed when you are filling in a form, they put the age brackets into such an order that when … Continued

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Hummingbird Funeral Ceremonies.

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  The Hummingbird is an extremely versatile bird. There are many varieties, and they symbolise Lightness of being, Being more present, Independence, bringing playfulness and joy to life, Lifting up negativity, Ability to respond quickly and resiliency. At a time … Continued

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Vital or Redundant in Ageing?

  The Cambridge definition of the word “Vital” is; Necessary for the success or continued existence of something; extremely important. The Cambridge definition of the word “redundant” is; Unnecessary because it is more than is needed. Which category do you … Continued

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