Ageing with Love.

No matter what our spiritual backgrounds, cultures, race, creed, age, religion or what we consider to be our inner source and strength is, the most important empowerment in our connection to one another is love. If we all remembered the … Continued

Forgiving Yourself as you Age with Vitality.

  We have looked at how forgiving others can be liberating for you and your wellbeing and vitality. Have you considered that you also need to forgive yourself? Many of us have made errors of judgement, mistakes, been unkind or … Continued

How to Forgive & Ageing with Vitality.

  After looking at how important forgiveness can be to our wellbeing (in the previous blog,)it would help of course if someone could tell us “how”. We are told so much about the need for forgiveness, but knowing how to … Continued