Hummingbird Funeral Ceremonies.

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  The Hummingbird is an extremely versatile bird. There are many varieties, and they symbolise Lightness of being, Being more present, Independence, bringing playfulness and joy to life, Lifting up negativity, Ability to respond quickly and resiliency. At a time … Continued

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The Culture of Death.

The culture of death differs all over the world. Many of the rituals and rules surrounding death are for practical reasons, such as the climate, temperature, etc. Religious rules developed from these practical needs. Human’s have been on this planet … Continued

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Live well until you die!!!

  A Fresh Look at Funerals. And ageing and healthy eating! There is something about that title that is backwards eh? All will be revealed. Read on. I am sorry if I seemed to disappear off the horizon for a … Continued

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How to Save Money on Funerals

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  Are you being sold down the river with TV adverts saying that the average cost of a funeral is £7500? It would be nearer the mark to say that it is more like £3500. But you can do it … Continued

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