The Ageing Adventure.

I thought today that I would give you some idea of where I have been and where I am going, and why I believe that I can support people in their own ageing adventure. I started working with older people … Continued

Forgiving Yourself as you Age with Vitality.

  We have looked at how forgiving others can be liberating for you and your wellbeing and vitality. Have you considered that you also need to forgive yourself? Many of us have made errors of judgement, mistakes, been unkind or … Continued

Ageing with Forgiveness

    Unforgiveness is one of the biggest blocks to freedom. Particularly as we age. To become a wise and joyful Elder, we need to come to grips with this important aspect of our lives. Right from when we are born, … Continued

Expectations and Consciousness in Ageing.

    Continuing our exploration of Expectations with Ageing, today I am going to look at a Life Review. This exercise will help you to clear the path for expectations in your ageing journey, and will also give you an … Continued