Food; Friend, Fun or Foe?

  For over forty years, I considered myself a victim. To; My Self Image My ugly body The fat on my body Foods that just triggered me off A compulsion to just carry on eating, even when full Dieting to … Continued

Fat is Good for Ageing Bodies!

    So what do I mean by Fat is Good? Fat has been demonised for over thirty years now. During the 1980’s this demonisation was taken up by the Food and Diet Industry, and big bucks were made. Yet … Continued

Ageing and Calorie Restriction. Today I thought you may be interested in looking at the positive side of calorie restriction. If you follow my writings and books, you will know that I advise people not to count calories. However what … Continued

Us and Them!

People are anxious to improve their circumstances, but unwilling to improve themselves. They therefore remain bound. James Allen We hear a lot about the environment ruining our health. We hear a lot about the way that humans do not take … Continued