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The hummingbird challenges us to stand strong while being able to fly high. When facing challenges like bereavement that seem clouded with negativity, you can call on the spirit of the hummingbird. Through Hummingbird Funerals she helps you to bring a positive outlook on the situation and find your way with optimism.

The Hummingbird is a versatile bird. There are many varieties, symbolising lightness of being, banishing negativity, responding quickly and being more present. Yet other varieties symbolise Independence, Playfulness and Joy, and Resilience. For me, she is the perfect response to the challenge of bereavement.

I use the hummingbird for my brand and logo because this bird has a spiritual connection. Through changing direction quickly and smoothly the hummingbird invites us to flex in response to life’s circumstances.

Bereavement and Comfort

At a time of bereavement, having someone with the ability to bring comfort and compassion is vital. We ought to remember our loved one’s funeral as a meaningful experience, rather than a time of hopelessness and despair.

Having recently experienced the loss of of my parents and husband, and with my training as a Funeral Celebrant and End of Life Facilitator I am able to support you as you adapt to new life circumstances.

Perception and Infinity

I can do this with the use of music, poetry and even dance, to suit your wishes and beliefs. Your beliefs may be religious, secular or both. Eternity, continuity and infinity are the words which for me bring home the message of the hummingbird. We do not know what eternity is. However, we may or may not choose to believe that our soul or essence will live on in eternity. Continuity denotes the continuity of life that we leave behind on earth. No matter what our beliefs, we do leave a stamp behind on this planet in some way, shape or form.

Infinity is the state of being infinite. Although death is finite, we cannot comprehend the endlessness, or limitlessness of the Universe. Consequently, our perception puts limits on our comprehension of what happens after death. Our perception does this because we are human, living in a vast universe.

Please feel free to contact me if you would like to chat about your circumstances and how I may support you at a sad time.

Celebrate and Remember

A funeral celebrant will endeavour to bring you an experience that will, just like the hummingbird, lift up negativity by making the funeral a ceremony that celebrates and remembers the deceased’s life. They do this  by reflecting on the deceased’s values and beliefs and what  they would like to leave behind for those who have lost them.

This is a recent testimonial – I have protected the writers’ identities.

Dear Patricia, Thank you so much for your help on the sad death of my father. The words that you read out were perfect. It was a lovely service and I think that he would have approved. You really helped us a lot. Once again, thank you very much.  Love from Julie and Paul

At a time of bereavement, when experiencing the death of a loved one, having someone with the ability to bring comfort and compassion is vital if we are to remember our loved one’s funeral and the time just before and just after the ceremony as a meaningful experience, rather than a time of hopelessness and despair.

Independent Funeral Celebrant

An independent Funeral Celebrant is independent of all religions, races and general funeral expectations. The ceremony should remind people of memories that may make them laugh, cry and on who person was.

By creating a Funeral Ceremony Will you can leave behind your wishes for the conduct of your funeral. That way, your family will know your favourite music, poetry, beliefs and facts about you for your eulogy. This will save them further distress at a time when they are in a state of shock after losing you. Making choices at such a time can be bewildering and even cause family disagreements.

I will design and write a script, respecting your wishes, right down to the choice of coffin, transport and cremation or burial. The written eulogy can be flexible, and may contain facts about you that family or friends may not know.

Either in person or online, I will interview you to find out and suggest ideas. Then I will send you a draft for corrections, and a final printed copy.

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I have qualified as an End of Life Coach with Jane Duncan Rogers, founder of Before I Go Solutions


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