Death to Dieting

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Dieting to Death? Or Death to Dieting? As a writer and blogger and somewhat in my everyday life, I am an expert in two fields. Dieting or not, and anything connected to death. It suddenly struck me today that there … Continued

What is Your Ageing or Health Story?

Are you struggling with weight? Are you active enough? Are you always at the doctors surgery? Are you ageing with vitality? –                                 … Continued

The Ageing Adventure.

I thought today that I would give you some idea of where I have been and where I am going, and why I believe that I can support people in their own ageing adventure. I started working with older people … Continued

Food; Friend, Fun or Foe?

  For over forty years, I considered myself a victim. To; My Self Image My ugly body The fat on my body Foods that just triggered me off A compulsion to just carry on eating, even when full Dieting to … Continued