Do I Need To Count Calories To Lose Weight?

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(I won’t go into technical details here you can google the information for that.)

And the answer is that you need to be wary of the little blighters, but you do not have to count them!

Here’s why!


  • One apple (depending on size) = 100 calories.
  • One egg = 100 calories
  • One biscuit (depending on type = 100 calories
  • One slice bread = 100 calories.
  • One oz cheddar cheese = 100 calories

These items are generally used for a snack. perhaps all of them in a day or perhaps one of them in a day.

The myth goes that 3500 is = to 1 lb fat on the body.

It is claimed that if you drop 500 calories a day you will lose a pound a week.  So looking at the foods above then, they add up to 500 calories. If you are eating say 2000 calories a day with these foods included, there are all sorts of things to take into consideration, whether you are male or female, pregnant, a child, elderly, been on numerous diets in the past, underweight, overweight or ill. You could be putting on weight, losing it, maintaining it or not counting the calories properly.You may be exercising or not.

So if the theory is correct (and it is only a theory and has not been scientifically proven) then just by leaving out the above foods you should lose weight. Yes? If you don’t take what I have just said into account. 

Those factors are all just for starters. The next thing to consider is how many calories you may have cut down by on previous diets, and if you are a chronic dieter everytime you go on a new diet it gets more difficult to lose weight, and you have to cut down on calorie intake yet again. Eventually the snack foods above become your main diet! Yes really! It happened to me and countless others. I would not mind betting that it has happened to you too.

So, as I said be wary of them by watching carefully;

  • What sort of foods you eat
  • Make every calorie count towards getting your body nourished and stay away from junk foods
  • Make every food you eat an investment into your health
  • Never go hungry just to keep calories down.

When you starve yourself your body goes into what can be called famine mode. It will do everything it can to preserve fat. It does not know the difference between a famine and a calorie controlled diet.

Counting calories is futile and it is the worse thing that has ever been thought up to keep weight under control. 

For more reading look up http:/

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Which Slimming Aids Work?



25 diets 3d cover                                               –                                  

There are all sorts of slimming aids out there. When you go to the slimming counter in any Pharmacist, Supermaket or Whole food store, there is an abundance of stuff that claims to help with slimming. Mind you when you read the small print, the disclaimer is that it will only work as part of a calorie controlled or other diet meant for weight loss. What does that say to you?

It says to me that I may as well keep my money in my pocket and just rely on what I eat.

There are all sorts of claims coming out that this diet will work  to lose weight and keep it off. Some of them are brand new and there are a few that have indeed helped many people to find a way of eating that will suit them for life. Particularly if they drop the junk food and just eat real foods. But the person doing the diet has to be willing to change their ways first.

Meanwhile keep your money in your pocket and dont be tempted by claims such as this or that supplement will be the answer. 

The diet itself will not work, unless there is a change in how people think. There can be a really exciting way to lose weight if you see it as a journey with its lessons and turnings in the road.

The day that somone discovers an easy way to lose weight and keep it off permenently will be entitled to a Nobel peace prize.

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Are You a Seed?

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I have just spent a very inspiring hour listening to a lady being interviewed by Marc David. Her name is Dr Vandana Shiva, and details on how to find out more about her are below.

What struck me while listening to her was that in this battle with our weight, health and spiritual being, we need to focus on starting with ourselves.

We are up against giant corporations such as Monsanto and Walmart. Our Governments are simply in their hands. We feel helpless in our battle to keep up the fight.

Most people reading this will be feeling that their battles with weight and food are something insurmountable to them. They are tired of restricting what they eat, tired of the conflicting advice, tired of stepping on the scales and living by what they say.

Dr Shiva is working in India and is helping to keep Monsanto and others from ruling the lives of people out there. One interesting story that she told is that when she was debating with someone from one of these corporations about their argument that keeping women out of the kitchen was a liberation, her answer was that cooking can be a celebration. That is not enslavement. In any case, it does not have to be just the women’s job.

In reply to Marcs question about mobilising people to stay out of the trap that is being set up to get us to eat the food products that are pretending to be food, she said that we need to be seeds ourselves. This is what she says;

Quote, “I’ve learned that you have to begin with the soil. You begin with a seed. Everyone can hold a little seed. But then from the seed you tell the story of the larger picture. Because beginning only with the larger picture, people can feel overwhelmed, can feel, “It’s too big for me.” You must seed.

Now you can either let it be hijacked by Monsanto, contaminated, polluted, genetically modified, or you can take the seed and love it. The love and care you give the seed is already a resistance. It’s already saying no to that giant to say, “But I don’t need you.” Unquote.

What I believe from listening to her is that every one of us can be a seed,  and decide to stop being in the hands of the food giants. Yes, we need them in this modern world, but lets all decide how much we are going to allow them to dictate our relationship to food.

Free yourself up from the constant worrying about what you are eating. Stick to food that is produced as close to home and near the soil as possible. Throw away the scales, use food to celebrate and be in good health in order to make the most of our lives.

One argument that Monsanto comes up with is that they have to do things the way that they do them; otherwise the world will run out of resources and people will starve. But with the way that they are doing them, people are starving from malnutrition with empty calories. And as time goes on we are certainly not in good health.

We need to nourish our bodies and spirits with community and using food as a celebration and not denying the lovely foods that we are missing out on by restriction and self-denial.

We need to be ourselves and enjoy every minute of our lives, and stop being dictated to by the giants.

Be a seed in your corner of the world, nurture it, feed it with love, and let it blossom into something beautiful. Other people will wonder where you got it from?

The website to look at is   There is also an Earth University on the website.

Dr Shiva is a world-renowned environmental leader. She has recently authored a book called “Earth Democracy”.  She is an activist and scientist and is on the International forum on Globilization.

I for one will be joining her movement today!

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What Happens When The Diet Is over?


Diet is another name for eating regime, and if you look at it this way, the diet is never finished.  I came across an expression recently that says that we are born; we eat and then we die. Obtaining sustenance from food is vital to life itself and is first in the list of Maslows Hierarchy of needs, along with warmth and shelter. The instant that the baby is born, human or animal, it seeks the nipple and we do not have to teach it to suck once it latches on.

So perhaps the answer to the question is that the diet is never over!

But many people, when they reach their goal weight, assume that they can just start eating like they did before. It may be okay to tuck into the occasional treat, (occasional being the key word) and life would be pretty boring without them. But the average diet these days, and probably the way of eating that led up to the need to lose weight in the first place, can consist of too much in the way of sugary and starchy foods.

So finding out what to eat when reaching goal is not straightforward. A strict slimming diet can make the body learn to live on a lot less food, and in the experience of many dieters, researchers and studies, it seems that it cannot recover. Many experts advise people to step up the exercise, but this can be self defeating because exercise can just make you hungry. Exercise is good for you of course, but it is not the way to lose weight. You can read more about this in the book “Instinctive Fitness” by Oliver Selway & Charlie Packer. According to Oliver we need to exercise instinctively and not spend hours on the treadmill in the Gym.

So what can happen when the diet is over then?

As I have already mentioned when the diet is over we need to experiment. Many slimming clubs start a maintenance programme once people reach their goal, and some of them are good. The only problem is that some of them include sugary or sweet and starchy foods, which can be addictive, the food industry makes sure of that. It bears repeating that as these foods were more than likely included in the old way of eating before the person decided to lose weight, then it is best not to include them in the new way of eating after reaching goal.

In my experience adding one unprocessed food back into the diet, every few days is the way to go. This gives your body a chance to regain some balance and is a good indicator of what you can eat in the future without regaining.  Stick to foods with around three to five ingredients but at best just one. The fewer ingredients there are, the nearer to natural foods they are.

It may take a little patience and even a little weight gain, but don’t be afraid of that, because that is what experimenting is all about.  It can be enjoyable and fun finding out what your future way of eating for life is going to be.

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What’s Not Fair In The War Against Weight?


25 diets 3d cover –

People come in all sorts of shapes and sizes.  Each one of us is an individual, and we have as many different body shapes as we do faces.  Except for identical twins, there are no two faces the same.

Yet many of us are trying to emulate the latest look.

Ridiculous statements come from the press when talking about fashion.  “Boobs are out of fashion” or “The look this Autumn is narrow hips!”  As if we can change our body shapes to keep up with the fashion!  What happens the following year when boobs are back in fashion again?

Yet people fall for this, and try to diet to change their shape.  If they can’t, they will go for liposuction or plastic surgery.

People go to extreme measures to be thin.  Some of the diets that come around are simply Starvation diets.  The dieter can get to look emaciated, and I wonder what is going to happen to their bodies as they get older.

  Are they going to lose bone density?

 Are they going to be able to fight disease?

 There will be no nutrients in their bodies to fall back on when they are ill. 

Can anyone define the point of danger these days?

 We have a BMI table, which uses a graph to show if we are underweight, overweight, obese or morbidly obese. A healthy BMI is meant to be between 19 and 25.  It is reckoned that between 25 and 30 is overweight.  30 to 35 is in the obese category, and 35 onwards is counted as morbidly obese.

I have a BMI of 26.  But I am healthier than I have ever been, and I have friends who say the same about themselves. Current studies are questioning whether being in the overweight category is safer than the normal weight.

Yet we are still in the midst of an Obesity Epidemic.  We demand that people be thin to be accepted, but bodies are becoming fatter!  Consequently we are losing touch with the realities of what our bodies need and we only look at what we should or should not eat.

We watch people in restaurants, and if they are fat, we judge what they are eating. We use phrases like “Oh, you are being good!”  I hate that phrase and it is generally only used if you are eating a salad! 

When you are eating out, what do you base your choices on? 

How long is it since you chose what you really want?

Perhaps your choice is based on what people will think!

 There are many reasons why people choose what they are going to eat, but very rarely for the right reasons. If they indulge they feel guilty and probably say that they will go back on the diet tomorrow!  If they omit a certain food that can get a comment – or the person concerned feels the need to explain why.

Often heard is the phrase “It isn’t fair; she eats all that and never puts on an ounce.”  I well remember when I was stuck in my dieting days, sitting in a pub with my husband, and watching people have their dessert.  I did not have one, but looked on in envy thinking, “It’s not fair, none of these people has a weight problem, yet I do, and I am the one who is going without!”  But the question is “What wasn’t fair?”

How did I know?  How could I tell what anyone was doing at home?  I was only seeing what was going on in the pub at that given moment!  I was feeling indignant but had no grounds to feel that way. For all I knew she may stick to a diet at home and was eating out for a treat!

Although I had weight issues in the past, and although I have been overweight by a stone in the last few years, actually for the last twenty one years of my life I have been a reasonable size.  Perhaps this may be slightly over weight but by whose standards?

I have had people say to me “Why do you worry about your weight?  You haven’t got any weight problems”.  They are assuming that because I look slim, there is no weight issue.  They don’t see all the hard work that goes into being slim!  I then have to tell them that I am slim, because I work at being slim.

Having said that though, I don’t have any issues with my weight now, as I have sorted out exactly what I can eat, and I stick to it.  It is ironic that now I get accused of being finicky!  But I don’t mind at all because that is far better than to be worrying about slimming!

Many people I meet who have weight issues cannot accept that we have a choice.  We either need to eat properly and not indulge in sugary, starchy or refined foods, or we put up with being fat!  We can’t have it both ways.  But saying, “It’s not fair” is self indulgent!

This all came to mind today when I was sitting with a friend who was tucking into a giant muffin! She always asks if I am going to have something to eat when we have coffee out.  She cannot accept that actually I am happy not to have anything to eat!

When I am in other people’s houses, and I say no to something that they offer me, they look so surprised and feel sorry for me because I can’t have it.  I can’t persuade them that I simply don’t want it!  They are judging my feelings, on what they would feel like having to say no!

Another phrase people I hear is “It’s all right for you, you have a strong will power!”  Words always fail me on that one!  I do not have a strong will power I simply accept that I have a choice.  If I want to put on weight, I shall have a muffin.  But I do not want to put on weight, so I do not have a muffin.  Simple!

To lose weight and keep it off requires hard work. Indeed any goal requires work.

 Tiger Woods started playing golf at the age of 2!

A concert pianist practices for hours every day to keep on top form.

 There is no magic wand, but I can testify that it does pay off in the end.

So is it unfair that you can’t lose weight? Or can you change your thinking?

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“I’ll just get my birthday over with, and then I will do something about my weight.” 

“I’ll cut down next week.” 

“I’m going out for a meal with friends I’ll just enjoy that then I’ll go on my diet.” 

“When I come back from holiday I’m going to do my best.” 

“I can’t do anything about my eating at the moment because I have too much going on.” 

Can you hear yourself saying those words? 

According to the dictionary, the word procrastinate means “to put off or delay”. 

Maybe it is time to ponder over what benefits there would be in waiting until the ideal time, because often the ideal time never comes. Or when it does present itself we fail to recognize it.  

While you are putting off doing the right thing, your weight continues to increase.  You may think that it doesn’t matter because you are going on a diet anyway-, and you will soon lose it.  But it just doesn’t work this way because the more weight you put on while procrastinating, the more your body is going to get used to the extra weight, and will become comfortable with it. 

When the decision is made to start a slimming diet, during the time between the decision and completing  preparations, many people start to eat as if living up to the famous quote from the bible  “Let us eat and drink for tomorrow we die.”

Except that, we substitute the “diet” for “die”! 

So the attitude adopted then leads on to stuffing in as much food as possible because what we are believing deep down is that, “I am going on a diet which means starvation and famine, I’m never going to be able to eat normally again, so I’d better make the most of it now.” 

What can happen then of course is that before you start the diet something else comes up.  Mother is ill or the  kids are home from school perhaps an unexpected weekend away crops up…so the diet never happens and you are left with the extra weight that you had put on while procrastinating! 

Decide and act! 

Ask yourself how much you really want to lose weight, to keep it off for good and feel good. 

Make your decision, weigh yourself and act. Give yourself very limited time and fill it with your shopping and preparation, and make part of the decision that this will be your last diet- because this is going to be a complete change of lifestyle. 

You need to decide to adopt a lifestyle that will include eating the right foods for life, not just for the next few weeks or months in order to lose weight.  You are going to find a way of eating that will fit in with the rest of your lifestyle so that you are not going to be affected by various occasions that may threaten your resolve. 

For example, many people find that they cannot cope with eating out or at other people houses. Or they might like their drop of wine at the weekend or even every evening. It is a good idea to incorporate strategies into your lifestyle that will become permanent. 

Tell your friends and family that you have changed your way of life for the sake of your health, rather than say that you are going on a diet. The word diet can conjure up negative connotations for some people, whereas “looking after your health” is seen as a positive move. 

This strategy will benefit your way of thinking too, because you will not be into the “diet” mentality.  You can then decide how much alcohol can safely be a part of your life, and live with the knowledge that you don’t have to deny yourself the pleasure for evermore. 

One client of mine said that he was finding his diet too difficult, because he loved his Saturday night pint.  Who was it that said he couldn’t have it I wonder?  When I asked him that question, he realized that he could make this decision himself. If he really wanted to lose weight, he had a choice.  Have a pint and live with any arrested weight loss, or not have a pint and maybe feel better for it. Or another way of looking at it would be that if he was going to be living this way for the rest of his life, then the Saturday night drink would be part of his life too  

Another aspect is that the stress of going without that pint and denying himself the pleasure, would in turn produce cortisol in the body and arrest any weight loss anyway. 

The same goes for types of food.  If there is a birthday cake around, have a little piece.  Giving yourself permission to have it takes the pressure off, and you won’t end up gorging on it. 

 “It’s not what you eat, but what you think” 

This is so true folks.  If you are in the frame of mind that says “Eat and drink for tomorrow we die” then procrastination will always be there stopping you from doing the right thing. But if you can start to think that you could just look at ways to change what you eat, and find a way that will suit you for the rest of your life, then you will fit any thing that comes along in with that. 


When you eat out, you will make wise food choices with the occasional treat. If there is a crisis in the family you will eat what comes along; then just get back to your normal way of eating as soon as possible.  You will not let a crisis be an excuse to stop your diet, because you will then not be on a diet! You will see this way of eating as your “norm”.


There is a saying that procrastination is the thief of time. You can change this to “procrastination is the thief to me being slim and healthy”.



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How Your Beliefs Can Ruin Your Weight Managment



Do you have beliefs that may interfere with your attempts at losing weight, or keeping extra weight off?


Beliefs are something that we obtain and internalize as infants- or even inherit them genetically. There are also beliefs we learned at school, from the media and from other people as we have matured and we have come to believe that they are true. Some of these beliefs are still being perpetuated by the media and the Diet and Food industries.


Many people believe that because something is well known, then “it must be true because everyone knows it!”  However, just because something is a popular belief does not make it true. For example; for many years it was believed that eggs are bad for you because they are full of cholesterol, then it was decided that it was ok to have eggs after all.


Going back hundreds of years everyone believed the earth was flat.


We can adopt various beliefs from childhood such as a religion, or a work ethic, or the beliefs of our particular culture; table manners, or use of language. Because we do not know any different and our subconscious mind cannot argue back, we grow up believing that there is no other way.  Some children can speak quite a few languages simply because they are surrounded by people speaking different languages from an early age.


This is one reason why some people grow up to believe that they will never amount to anything in life, because they have been told as children that they wouldn’t.


Some examples with food and eating are that “saturated fat is bad for you” or that “fat goes straight to your arteries and blocks them up”.  Another famous one is the Calorie myth.  Which goes something like: “Energy in must equal energy out, and if you want to lose weight then it is as simple as eating less calories than you are expending, then you will lose weight” Those of you who have been dieting for many years on this basis, know that this does not work in practice. You may lose the weight to start with, but with one diet after the other it gets harder and harder.


Zoe Harcombe did extensive research into this, particularly around the idea that 3500 calories = a pound of fat and she asked numerous agencies including the NHS, BDA (British Dietetic Association) NICE and the National Obesity Forum in the UK  where this idea came from and whether they could find the scientific source? None of them could give an accurate answer. In her book she sets forth a challenge and requests an answer from anyone who may have it.  As far as I know she has not yet received one. You can read this for yourself in her book “The Obesity Epidemic”, Chapter 7.


On a lighter note, many people have internalized the idea that “a Mars a Day helps you work rest and play”, which came from an old advert in the seventies. This was based on keeping sugar levels topped up.  But did you know that if you need to top up your sugar levels you only actually need about a teaspoon.  You can get that from a square of 85% dark chocolate. (For the more scientifically minded, Google; “Calories in Dark Chocolate-Fat Secrets)


There is a way out of this quandary however, firstly by doing some research and there are now numerous books being published that are knocking these beliefs into question.  Authors whose work you can find on the internet are Gary Taubes and John Biffra, and there are many others, and once you start searching you will find that you can become engrossed, as you discover the truth behind the false beliefs that we as consumers, dieters, and even healthy eaters have been encouraged to believe.



“If you always do what you’ve always done; you will always get what you’ve always got!” 


When Mark Twain said this, he was so right. We have been eating the way that government bodies and numerous diet books have suggested now for years.  Yet it is not working is it?  Think about why there are so many diets on the market, if any of them worked, the industry would die out!  


Once you have researched and found out what the truth is for yourself, and that there is another way of thinking, you can change your beliefs.  There may be beliefs that are holding you back in other areas of your life too, such as “I’m too old” or “I’m not clever enough” 


It certainly does not help when people have false body images.  Women try living up to images of celebrities or models and wonder why they cannot succeed.  But did you know that many of these images are touched up, and if you are trying to emulate these people, you are certainly following a false belief.


Many people have help changing those beliefs by coaching or personal development, through courses, reading and by talking with friends. But be sure that these friends are thinking along the same lines as you, because when people see you acting differently they can feel threatened and may try to thwart your efforts.


Have YOU ever thought about your beliefs?

 Do you go along with the conventional ideas that have not worked for you or anyone else?

Have you thought about why there is a problem with Weight and Food Management even though people are following the rules that are set out by Diet companies, and in the myriads of books on the market?


Perhaps now’s the time to start that research.

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Is Your Internal Fat Person Winning?





Who is it that is in control at 3am in the morning when you are at the fridge or food cupboards, stuffing back inappropriate foods that you would normally avoid like the plague.


Or perhaps you have been out with your friends and remained under control by eating only a meager portion of salad and then on your arrival home….. Wham! Something just seems to take over, you lose all reason and you find yourself tucking into last nights left-over steak pie, which you had denied yourself and watched all the rest of the family tuck into while you ate your diet ready meal.


You may even consider yourself to be someone who is “Doing it Sensibly” and eating a recommended diet from the slimming club and who feels that there is no excuse to be hungry.  Yet, every now and then something just snaps and off you go again, you’re out of control and something else has taken over. People attending slimming clubs will often weigh-in and find that they have had a good week; then go home and binge. “Why did I do that?” they wonder.


Bingeing can be explained in so many ways, but I sometimes wonder whether it is as simple as the idea that there is a part of us who is just fighting to stay fat!


This could be for many reasons, such as habits, or limiting beliefs. But nevertheless this inner something is there and every now and again takes control. Even if you are managing your weight successfully and your friends all wonder why you think you have a weight problem and are impressed with the way that you have it under control… still, there is this something that just takes over.


In the days of the feminist movement as long ago as 1978, Susie Orbach wrote a book called “Fat is a Feminist Issue”.  She is still writing and speaking on this theme 35 years later, and is proving to be even more correct in her ideas. Her original theory was that compulsive eating and bingeing was a woman’s way of fighting back against the idea that “food is a woman’s issue, because of the fact that she was the centre pin of providing nourishment for her family and needs to protect herself from the sexual advances of men”.


Things have changed a little nowadays, but basically women are going along more with  society’s pressure to be thin, although these days men are increasingly finding pressure to match up to excessive expectations to be slim and fit. So they too are probably experiencing the fat man inside screaming to be let out.


Perhaps the issue here is around how much we allow this fat person inside to influence us?  Is this just a matter of listening to our gut instinct?  When we are putting ourselves under pressure to be thin with restrictive eating and starving, perhaps we do need to heed this inner voice or instinct a little more.  Not allowing it to take over, but at least taking heed of it.



Or is it just a matter of learning to recognize that we are only human?


There is the school of thought that says that staying fat means people can stay in their comfort zone.  They are comfortable with the weight they are, simply because it is easier that way. 


But I am wondering about this from a different perspective. Take the person who struggles every day of their life with food issues and avoids foods that they know will make them put on weight. Every meal is planned meticulously.  Alcohol is limited. Meals out are usually something with salad. They may eat like a bird, starve, diet, and work out at the gym, in fact everything they do is around keeping their weight down.  This person does indeed keep the weight off and they may even have people making stupid remarks like “You don’t have a weight problem!” – and the person doing all the hard work thinks “if only you knew!”


Yet deep down inside there is this fat person screaming to be released!  “Let me out, Let me out!”   This is manifested by the occasional binge, or suddenly going out of control.  They are wondering who or what is taking over their body. They ask themselves why they are finding themselves at the fridge or the food cupboard eating everything in sight and as quickly as possible. They feel like a ship without a rudder in a storm and have lost the signal. They have lost control.  What the hell is going on? 


Is it the inner fat person rearing their ugly head?  They have had enough of being tied down and ignored!  They want their way for a change and are screaming to be heard. They are tired of the salads on a freezing cold day or perhaps the consumme soup, and are crying “Give me a really thick stew with lots of meat and vegetables!”

“No! I do not want to go to the gym today, I do not want to go for a run, let me stay in bed.  Let me cuddle up and have a lie in and leave that soda water alone; gimme a glass of wine for heavens sake, and maybe some crisps to go with it.”


Do you recognize this? 


  Have you felt like this and yet you are afraid to let go? So a fight ensues between the thin and the fat. 


Whoever wins leaves the other one feeling that they have been treated really badly.  If the fat person wins the thin one is feeling guilty, weak, trodden down, sick and bloated and feeling a failure.


If the thin one wins, they will probably be feeling victorious until the next time! Then it is nose to the diet grindstone and off we go again.  The fat one has been put to bed and hidden away and it’s back to the salads and soda water and consumme soup. 


The fat one is the hero and they will forever be the winner in this everlasting, repeated battle of the bulge if we do not ever stop to consider that if we were to accept a slightly heavier weight and not constantly want to be stick thin, and were to eat only real unprocessed unrefined foods, and had good substantial meals with controlled carbohydrate amounts, we might just be able to allow the fat one to have a little more freedom. Then maybe the war would cease and there would peace in the manor.


 Fat and Thin would go gently hand in hand and live happily ever after!

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Attitude To Weight Loss



The Dictionary defines the word Attitude as;


“…manner, disposition, feeling, position, etc;

with a tendency or orientation especially of the mind, such as negative or positive attitude.”

What does the word attitude mean to you and your Weight loss?

Maybe you use remarks such as;


It’s not fair I hardly eat a thing

Anything of what I wonder?  Maybe you are not eating enough!  It’s wise to eat at least three good wholesome meals a day to keep your metabolism going. Otherwise your body will hold on to every ounce of fat that it can, because it thinks there’s a famine and doesn’t know that you are starving it on purpose. If you eat properly it won’t panic and will get to know that there is another meal coming soon.


I’ve only got to look at a doughnut to put on weight

True!  The minute the body sees or smells sugar, it starts to prepare itself by releasing insulin which is the fat storing hormone and that’s one reason why your mouth waters.


 I’ve tried every diet under the sun and none of them work.

  The more restricting diets you do, the lower your metabolism becomes and the harder it is to lose weight.   So this could be a positive attitude because it will encourage you to change. As Mark Twain said;


“If you always do what you’ve always done; you will always get what you always got.”


I give up, I’ll just eat what I like and blow the consequences.

I wonder exactly what “Eat what I like” means to you?

If it is sugary and starchy or processed and refined food, then you are on the road to disaster!  This type of food is addictive, and the carbohydrate and sugar will just go straight to your fat cells with the help of the insulin.


I’ll show the world that I just don’t care – after all you can be fat and healthy

This one is so common among people who have been struggling and finally given up.  But you know, you don’t have to take this attitude.  There is help available. If you like reading there are good books available by such authors as John Biffra, Zoe Harcombe, Gary Taubes and Michael Pollen. Or there are forums and websites with so much information to browse through. There are Weight Loss coaches such as myself.  Try looking up the word Paleo on the internet: this is a whole new way of eating.  Yes you can be fat and fit, but it really depends how fat you are; the heavier you are the harder it is to move properly.  So you may have to start with eating in a way to lose some weight first before you can be really fit.


I want to lose weight by Christmas, tell me something that works fast.

I’m afraid that this is not going to work! Yes if you just eat practically nothing or have protein shakes for every meal between now and Christmas you may succeed in losing weight fast. But what is going to happen at and after Christmas?  You guessed!  You will just put it all back on again.  You want to look good all the time don’t you?  Not just for Christmas.  The minute you start to tuck into those mince pies and knocking back the alcohol, the body is going to heave a sigh and start preserving the fat again.

I’ll wear what I like, I am beautiful just as I am and if everyone thinks I am ugly that’s their problem!

Is this their attitude or yours talking? Yes you are beautiful just as you are and if you really believe that, then that love will help you to look after yourself and make the most of your assets.

But you need to ask yourself if this is really true?

  Do I really love myself?

Am I dressing to impress or with a defiant attitude?

If the answer is yes, then perhaps ask if you are doing the best by your body.

Can you think of a new attitude that you could adopt to make things better for yourself and give you a goal to achieve?



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