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I write about several subjects. When I am asked to put any given subject into a category, there is not always one to suit. Dogma is one of them.

One can be dogmatic about anything. Religion, health, nutrition, dieting, money, politics and lately I am beginning to notice some dogma creeping into Spirituality. Not good!

A loose definition of Spirituality is that; we find a truth that we know is coming from our soul and not from some outer authority.

Which in turn sets us free from fear. But there is a journey and it although it is not easy, it is exciting.

Millions of us are living in a world where we can be subjected to dogma.

One example is until recently I belonged to a club for a certain diet. Not your usual calorie counting one I may add. It worked for me, but only after experimenting to find what suits me, using the suggestions as a guide. However, after a while, the diet became dogma, not from the author, but from people joining and using the original book as dogma. Thou shalt not eat this and never eat that! The author of the original book often has difficulty getting across to people that she never meant for this to happen.

Vegetarians can become very dogmatic. Nutritionists, Dietary Advisors and it goes without saying that politicians certainly can.

Another example is The Law of Attraction. I am beginning to notice people saying that if something does not go your way it is because you are not following the rules. What rules?

(I write about The Law of Attraction in a series of blogs for ageing, from 2015, which you can find here.)

I am beginning to notice people saying that if something does not go your way it is because you are not following the rules. What rules?

The dogma that has affected my life is the one of Religion. And there are millions of people in this world who are the same. Many of them stay within that dogma for the whole of their lives. But there is an increasing awareness that we do not have to spend our lives obeying someone else’s rules because it suits them. The more I study and research, the more I am finding out that we need to find out for ourselves what the truth is for our individual soul.

I have just written a book about how I did it, which is a simple narrative of my life as a child in the 1940’s and 1950’s, a young Mother in the 1960’s and 1970’s and how the teachings of a Pentecostal dogma or fundamentalism had dire effects on my choices in life. The added factor was that the Pentecostals claim that they are not religious. But a loose definition of religion can be that we follow someone elses set of rules. And there were a lot of rules in my life that came from the Pentecostal teachings and in many other evangelical movements.

From the early 1980’s life began to change, in a very dramatic and traumatic way. With the loss of everything, marriage, business, possessions and the roof over my head, during the next thirty years, I found the way to my soul. Thirty years may seem a long time, but it has all been a gradual dawning and an exciting, although at times painful journey. I found the truth and that truth has made me free.

That is the title of my book “The Truth Has Made Me Free.” It is still being prepared for publishing at this point, September 2017, but keep a look out for it.

I recognise that there are many others who have suffered because of fundamental teaching about anything. Especially other religions, but I also know of a few who have suffered because of other dogma, not just religion.

I also want to start a group on Facebook for people who have been affected by fundamentalism or dogma, in any way. Either from your own experience, or someone you know, and how it has affected you in any way. And of course, if you too have managed to be free from it all.

Would you comment below if you would like to join such a group?

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Transformation in Ageing.

flower fairy Florence

I have just been through a vital transition in life.

Through the last six months, I encountered “The Dark Night of the Soul.” A time when I was brought low and was forced to look at my life; where I was going, what I was doing. What was working and what was not.

There are times in our lives when we need to go through these dark nights. It is as if the Universe is saying “You are not listening to me, and you need to.”

I do not believe that the Universe, or God or this higher power, whatever you may like to call it, makes us ill, or depressed because I believe that we bring it on to ourselves. We think that we know best. So we will go on working, doing and striving, and wearing ourselves into the ground, or bed or onto pills, simply because we are not listening to that still small voice.

And that applies to anyone of any age.

Even those who say that they are living their purpose and carrying out what they know they are here on this Earth for, can be so busy doing, that they forget to be still, forget to listen, forget to notice things synchronising or not, and go ahead thinking that we know best.

I came to a place where I was forced to listen to that still small voice, and during that time I became quite ill, physically and mentally, but thank God that I still held on to my Spiritual life.

I realised that I had not been listening, I had been striving and worrying and pushing ahead, doing things that I thought I was meant to do.

I had a family problem to deal with, and although it was settled in a way that we thought was not possible at first, at the end of it, I had a meltdown. Not because I doubted, not because I was weak in any way shape or form, but because I had failed to notice that I needed to go through a transformation in my life. A passage of life that has taken me into my fourth age.

I run a group on Facebook for Ageing with Vitality. I blog about ageing. I talk about how we are still vital, but I had not taken into consideration that the physical body does age, whether we like it or not.

I was proud that I had reached the age of 72 and am still active, vital and healthy, but was finding the lower energy and the ability to multi-task, difficult to come to terms with. Along with a visual impairment that I now have.

We hear so much about staying active; keep exercising, keep walking, keep doing things, keep your brain active and on and on. But we can sometimes, be, so hell bent on doing those things that we ignore this important passage of life. Which is transforming into an older person, but one who can still have a good quality of life.

It may happen at different ages while growing into that fourth age. Some are ready to relax at sixty, while others will still be working at age 70, 80 or even more. But the important thing is that we do need to recognise that there will come a time for transition. It may not be an obvious one, but we need to be mindful of subtle changes.

I don’t mean that we wake up one morning and find that we are suddenly old, although for some who are taken ill this may happen of course. But I am talking about looking at why we are feeling more tired than we used to.

Is what you are doing working for you and the other key people in your life?

And I certainly do not mean that we have to “give in”. What I mean is that like a teenager who has to make the decision whether to go to Uni or the twenty-year-old who decides that life is going to change, they have left their teenage life behind and now have to settle down to life. Or the person going through a midlife crisis and decides that they want to change careers. We need to look at what our purpose is for the rest of the time that we are here.

For me, my transition has shown me that my purpose does not look like what I have been striving after for the last six or seven years. Even though in that time I have been more aware and conscious than ever before.

But I am at peace, and simply want to serve.

Nowadays, when I have a decision to make I ask myself what purpose it will serve?

I am so grateful that I do not have to work for a living now. I am grateful that I have accepted a simpler lifestyle and do not strive after belongings. My income is modest, and I love having no responsibilities.

I am healthy and do eat a healthy diet; I love walking and make sure that I walk at least an hour most days. I stay active; I love the Internet, Facebook and the groups that I belong to on there. I love the women’s group “Damsels in Success”.

I belong to a Women’s over fifty group “The Silver Tent,” whose purpose is to raise the consciousness of the world.

I love going to the Macular Society meetings with others who have sight problems. We have a laugh and obtain lots of important information.

I love eating out with friends and my beloved husband. I love writing and reading. Most of all I love my times with God, in quietude and meditation. Listening to the music of Taize, Snatam Kaur and other inspirational music.

My life is full and rich again after spending the last few months in transformation and healing. The transition into being a Wise Elderwoman.

Look out for regular blogs again now,  about Ageing with Wisdom and Vitality, Death and all that it encompasses, (I am a Funeral Celebrant) and the eye disease Macular Degeneration and what it can be like to live with it. I will also still dabble in eating healthily and supporting people with issues around food and their eating patterns.

It is good to be back again renewed and with a fresh vision.

How about you? Are you listening to that still small voice that may be telling you it’s time for that transition?


Life is a beautiful cycle


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Power of Intent (review)

1992 - 1999 021

Have you ever considered what your intention is in life?

We have heard it put in terms of goals, purpose and perhaps vision.

I have just read a powerful book called “The Power of Intent.” by Wayne Dyer.

Wayne is an inspirational man, who wrote many books in his lifetime and was a top speaker and specialist in the Personal Development field.

Many motivational and personal development specialists, coaches and leaders, encourage you to find your goal or vision, then give you a set of steps to follow, which can be quite constricting or even stressful.Untitled-1 You can find yourself “doing” more and more and wondering where you are going wrong because you seem to be getting nowhere.

Even finding your purpose or goals can be quite an arduous task. While there are some very good and very expensive programmes on Brain Training, Law of Attraction and How to attract abundance into your life, reading this book could be the answer you are looking for.

Wayne takes the pressure out of it all and helps you to see how much your ego can be standing in your way.

He says that EGO is another way of Edging God Out.

When we have lost touch with the inner fire and desire we first wanted because it is all taking so long, it can be soul destroying and we often give up.

In his preface, Wayne states (about the book) “You’re holding in your hand, evidence that anything we can conceive of in our minds – while staying in harmony with the universal all-creating Source – can and must come to pass.”

He gives you the seven faces of intention, which are Creativity, Kindness, Love, Beauty, Expansion, Unlimited Abundance and Receptivity. Breaking them down and explaining the meaning of each of them.IMG_0137

That is just for starters.

This is an exciting, spiritual adventure and opens your eyes to the importance of knowing your intention, and how to create it, not by magic or striving, but by looking at what we believe about ourselves and the source within us.

He goes on to say;

“Intention is something that I believe we can feel, connect with, know and trust. It’s an inner awareness that we explicitly feel, and yet at the same time cannot truly describe with words. I use this concept to help guide me toward the power of intention that’s the source of creation and activate it in my daily life. It’s my hope that you too will begin to recognise what you personally need to do to begin activating intention in your life.”

I have been on a journey now for four years, studying and reading various courses and following teachers. I have built up an understanding of the Law of Attraction. Starting out with The Secret, which is a basic idea, I learnt that there is a lot more to it than just sitting and attracting stuff.

I have also learnt that it is not just about hard work either. It is all about trusting and doing it with ease. I don’t mean the easy way, but “with ease”. If you are doing in life what you enjoy and intend, then you enjoy every moment of what you are creating, and doing it with ease and enjoyment. This way, you are “being” and not “doing”.

The first and most important thing is to find your “Intention”.

In other words, what is it in life that you are passionate about and just “know” that you want to share with the world. What is it that sets you on fire?

Wayne presents intention in this book as an invisible energy field that is inherent in all physical form, is part of the inexplicable, nonmaterial world of Spirit. In other words, all the learning, brain training, courses and struggling in the world will not make any difference if we are just focusing on what we are going to get out of it. We need to be in the flow and trust our intention, be aware of synchronicity and be open to receive.

Wayne himself spent a lifetime, right from a child, knowing what his intention was. He studied many teachers, and philosophers, and he has done all the work and reading for you. His books are based on what he himself found out, and experienced, and has passed his knowledge and inspiration onto us.

I heartily recommend this book if you are struggling with anything to do with your purpose in life. Whether it is the business that is not taking off, your health, relationships, finances or losing weight.

Get your intention sorted out and the rest will fall into place.


Dubai 2011 069

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